Why do you need beautiful culinary pictures of your restaurant and meals?

Oct 29, 2019 by Phoebe Cook
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The importance of your restaurant photography

Don’t underestimate the importance of pictures, the right photos can elevate your business. Hubspot reported that 46% of marketers say photography is critical to a marketing strategy. Find out how to take photos to do your restaurant justice, making it look irresistible and getting potential customers queueing outside just to get a table! 

Food Photography aesthetic food

Trying to appeal to a wide range of people can be challenging, you may have international customers who don’t speak your language. Turn to the language of photography; enticing, mouth-watering pics is a language everyone speaks!

Food Photography salmon bed of vegetables

Keep it real so your customer’s expectations match the reality! Showing honest culinary photos will create a trusting relationship between you and your customer.




Skillful photography creates a great first impression, after all, we are visual creatures. Providing photos helps to focus your customers, making it easier to choose from the menu, rather than being hit by a wall of words.

Make your website an experience in itself. Make it irresistible so that they’ll want to visit your restaurant right away. The thought of those delicious looking photos might even make their eyes bigger than their stomachs, making them order more food!

Meero Food and Beverage

A study by gastrophysicist Professor Charles Spence showed that making something look good actually makes it taste better too! His team discovered that simple, well-presented dishes worked best, for example, a simple garden salad or steak and chips. In addition, the thoughtful presentation makes it look not only more appetising but also more expensive.

Asian Dish Beautiful photo

How to get great photos for your restaurant’s website

Your photographs MUST do your restaurant justice. Ask yourself, do the photos accurately represent our restaurant’s style, service, and quality of food?

We live in a fast-paced and impatient world where you can information with a few clicks of a button, so you only have 15 seconds to grab their attention. If you don’t impress them, they will quickly find another restaurant. Draw them in with high-quality, attractive images and not too much writing.

Food Photography aesthetic website

Don’t overload your website with photos. Every photo should aim to inform the customer in some way. Always ask yourself what purpose does this photo serve? Photos of composed dishes look nice but consider some less common shots of food being prepared or a composition of ingredients.

Food Photography restaurant aesthetic

Quality comes first. The best idea is to hire a professional photographer to help you capture the best composition, angles, and lighting in your space. Badly lit, blurry or grainy photos look cheap, which to potential customers will reflect the quality of your restaurant…

Google MyBusiness helps you to promote your business and attract new customers using your free Google listing. If someone types in ‘restaurants in Manhattan NYC’ for example, then after you’ve uploaded your restaurant’s information and photos and customers have left great reviews you could be top of the list by the end of the year!

Google mybusiness manhattan NYC

For example, Google MyBusiness provides all the information for the Iron Bar & Lounge, plus some of the website’s photos to help potential customers with their decision. Google MyBusiness even provides reviews, like Tripadvisor!

Google mybusiness manhattan NYC

Google search Iron Bar and Lounge review]

Getting the right spec is important too. Another reason why hiring a professional photographer could be the right option for you. Professionals know the right dimensions for websites and can adjust the ratios accordingly.

aesthetic restaurant photos

All of these elements can be difficult to coordinate, especially when trying to run a restaurant at the same time! However, there is a solution: Meero.

Meero provides a platform to book photoshoots tailored to your specific needs. In just a few clicks you can book a professional photographer. Meero not only takes the photos but edits them too, delivering HD quality images within 24 hours of shooting. This ensures flexibility for its customers and provides a hassle-free service for busy restaurateurs!

Food Photography

In recent years, posting food photos on Instagram has started trending. Look at how some restaurants are using it to increase traffic to their websites and therefore also encouraging more people to visit their restaurants!

The presence of restaurants on Instagram

Putting your restaurant online will create a virtual showcase promoting your restaurant. By posting photos and stories (temporary photos and videos lasting 24 hrs) of your restaurant you’re increasing your restaurant’s visibility!

There’s an ever-growing trend of taking ‘Insta-worthy’ food pics and posting them on social media. If you turn location settings on for your restaurant then customers can tag you in their posts or mention in comments and they’ll do the marketing for you! This will increase traffic to your website and the popularity of your restaurant. To learn more about how to market your restaurant on Instagram check out this article!

Here are some examples of great restaurant Instagrams that are killing it to help give you inspiration for your own account!

Sweet Green pride themselves on building “healthier communities by connecting people to real food”. Their aesthetic is on point!

Sweet Green Instagram

California Donuts appears frequently on ‘Best Instagram Restaurants’ for a reason. They post vibrant, bright, happy pics of their donuts, which are cute and inspiring!

California Donuts Instagram

Taco Bell is one of the most followed Instagram accounts. They have themes that keep their feed fresh. They post eye-catching, vibrant pics with funny captions - simple, but effective!

Taco Bell Instagram

Even their Halloween themed posts are brightly-colored and comical!

Taco Bell Instagram halloween

Piada Italian Street Food has really got the aesthetic down. They’ve got it all - awesome feed, consistent brand image, and videos that help people to feel like they’re right there!

Piada Italian Street Food Instagram

Piada Italian Street Food Instagram

And for dessert, check out Rime Time Pops, an artisan popsicle vendor. They use Instagram to show off their fresh ingredients, color-popping popsicles, and satisfied customers!

Rime TIme Pops Instagram


Rime TIme Pops Instagram

Extra Tip: “daily special” Insta posts are really effective for start-up restaurateurs looking to drive customers to their restaurant!

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