Famous LEGO® Artist is Back With New Incredible Sculptures

If you haven't heard of LEGO® artist and mastermind Nathan Sawaya, you have no idea what you're missing out on! The American artist strictly uses the famous colorful bricks we all know as LEGO® to create breathtaking sculptures that are obviously created with a lot of passion and patience. Although, Sawaya was not always an artist to this extent, he went from an ever promising job as a corportate lawyer in NYC to famous sculptist and now author! With more than 100 amazing and creative sculptures, Nathan Sawaya's first steps have not gone unnoticed. He has been going on tour around the globe with his exhibit called The Art Of The Brick. To achieve all these pieces, the artist has developed a warehouse with 4 million LEGO® sorted according to their color and size to more easily achieve the dozens of projects he undertakes each year.

As an indication, his newest exhibition requested more than 2 million bricks to put together these gigantic sculptures inspired by the DC Comics universe. One can only admire this impressive work.


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