Product video is the future of e-commerce

1. Post Videos on Your Website

There are many advantages to including videos on your website. A custom video can make you stand out and show a creative side of your business. The conversion rate is nearly 300% higher on websites that include videos compared to the ones without. Here are a few benefits to uploading a video to your website:

  • It quickly delivers your message

  • Engages your website visitors

  • Drives traffic to your website

  • Gives your company a personality

  • Strengthens the bond with your visitors

  • Encourages regular visits to your websites

Videos are a great way of storytelling. People need certain information to make a decision, and that’s why videos are valuable. They let your audience visualize the product, also answering potential questions or doubts they might have. Videos also keep the buyers on your website for a longer period of time. Nearly 31% of buyers will purchase the product after watching the video.

And don’t think that videos will break your bank. It’s quite the opposite actually. Videos don’t take a lot out of your budget, and can be outsourced to other qualified providers. If your business can’t afford outside providers, keep in mind that smartphones come with video capabilities and most computers have a simple-to-use video editing software such as iMovie or Movie Maker.

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Since producing videos can be a very time-consuming and tedious process, it might be easier to just conduct business through a professional video production company. Meero can skillfully take on the video production part and make the hard decisions for you. WIth Meero, you can book your shoot within seconds, simply by choosing time and date that is convenient for you. After that, Meero will find a professional and reliable photographer within the next 24 hours, taking care of every step of the process.

Meero video production services are always tailored to your needs. All videos for your ecommerce website will be realized in an efficient and satisfactory manner.

2. Make Sure Your Videos are Mobile Friendly

57 percent of all internet traffic now comes from smartphones or tablets”

It’s becoming increasingly important to create video content that is mobile friendly. The average American spends about six hours a day using digital media, spending over 51% of total time of time on mobile devices. To take this even further, about 1 hour and 16 minutes of this time is spent watching social media. Optimizing your videos for mobile devices should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Since the majority of all internet traffic comes from smartphones, Google considers switching to a mobile-first index, prioritizing mobile sites over desktop sites.

There are two factors that should be considered as most important when it comes to video optimization:

  • Image Availability and video Availability

  • Visible text

  • Clickability and interactivity

  • Loading speed

  • Pop-up minimization

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This means that you need to make sure that your videos can be viewed on mobile devices and tablets in case your site uses old coding methods or incompatible files. In addition, you need to remember to keep pop-ups to a minimum as they can ruin any user experience. You can even go as far as using a mobile friendly test offered by Google. To make your mobile site as effective as possible, you should spend time reviewing its layout and design.

3. Make your Video Content Visible by Using SEO

“By inserting a video, you raise your chances to appear in the first ranks on Google by 50 times

Knowing how to create an informative, rich and quality content is key in gaining more buyers. SEO is an indicator of the visibility of your ecommerce website in terms of organic traffic. This method was developed to measure the online performance of different domains. It also lets your business see where you have issues and identifies potential for optimization. Videos attract the buyers attention quickly and tend to have a great impact on their decision to move forward with the purchase.

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According to Wordstream, video marketing has become widely popular with businesses. Over the last three years, it became a lot harder to get whitelisted but it got easier to get your video indexed on the video tab. Experts recommend to focus on reaching higher ranks in a video search rather than placing a huge emphasis on a universal search. By inserting a video, you raise your chances to appear in the first ranks on Google by 50 times. In addition, Wistia found that videos with custom human thumbnails receive a 30% higher play rate compared to those without. Things like title and description also play a vital part. The key is to include interesting information and make sure that it’s ‘clickable’ instead stuffing numerous keywords.

4. Create a Youtube Channel

“There are about 1.57 billion monthly active Youtube users around the globe”

Forbes states that millenials check Youtube at least once a day. By 2021, nearly 82% of all traffic will be coming from videos. By starting a Youtube channel, you will be able to produce and develop video content that can become a powerful medium that drives your business and generates new traffic. Right now, there are about 1.57 billion monthly active Youtube users around the globe. Youtube allows your business to become not only visible, but also multiply your exposure. Your business also needs to be consistent when it comes to posting regularly, because this can encourage your followers to subscribe to various types of social media. Kevin Duchier, a manager responsible for PR and Communications at Toucon Toco, claims that even if you don’t get new leads with your video content, you still establish credibility and trust in the company.

Before deciding to buy a product, about ⅓ of all buyers turn to Youtube first. There are a few things your ecommerce business needs to keep in mind before launching a Youtube channel. Here are a few of them:

  • Identify a target audience

  • Declare a specific niche

  • Produce your initial content

  • Create a Production Schedule

  • Start Optimizing

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By finding the right audience and producing quality content, you will not only revitalize your brand, but you will also increase your revenue.  

5. Don’t Forget to Keep Your Social Media Updated

“Videos posted on different social networks generate 1 200% more shares than text and images combined”

Up until now, product ads would constantly be run on television; however, with the growth of internet, this conventional method has been changing. Brands tend to focus on running commercials and ads on different forms of social media, thus generating new traffic and creating awareness. Here’s a mind-blowing statistics for you-videos posted on different social networks generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined. In addition, nearly 68% of all marketing experts believe that social media is the most important piece for digital video campaigns. This includes product promotions on social platforms such as:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Youtube

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Rich Sutton, chief revenue officer of Trusted Media Brands, Inc, stated that a shift in advertising must be made to adapt to what the customers want; and ultimately advertisers want the same things as customers do. Keeping this in mind, marketers started to set more than a quarter of their budget, about 28% for video marketing. This applies to spreading your video content on social media more than other websites. For example, running a 15 second Facebook ad can easily generate short-term content that marketers are looking for. Posting video content on different social media platforms has been creating more engagement with the audience, raising the number by 59% this year.

6. Email Videos to your Subscribers

“Emails that contain videos report 278% more ROI than emails that just have text”

Businesses that tend to use videos in their content, grow revenue 49% faster than companies without one. However, it’s important to remember that you can’t just send any type of videos, your business needs to decide whether you’ll be emailing with an intent to educate, entertain or tutor. Creating content that is useful and valuable to your user is vital here. As research shows, emails that contain videos report 278% more ROI than emails that just have text.

There are thousands of email video marketing services out there, and if your company finds it difficult to produce quality content, this service can be outsourced. Video marketing is crucial when it comes to advancing your business, so including a video as part of your marketing strategy can put you ahead of the competition. It’s important to note that sending a video is not enough. You also have to explain why they have to watch it, and tell the viewers that they actually have to watch it.

Of course email marketing alone won’t lead your business to success. But without videos, your business is unlikely to generate good profit. Video introduces a whole new platform to experiment with and improve your overall strategy.

10 Jun 2019 by Pauline Gabrielli

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