What are the conversions levers on product pages?

09 May 2019 by Pauline Gabrielli
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The average conversion rate of eCommerce stores was only 2.86% in 2018

Visual elements play a vital part of a webpage. Research shows that it takes only 2.6 seconds for a viewer to land their eyes on a part that appears influential. This was done by monitoring the eye movements of participants as they scanned web pages. On top of that, Stanford scientists found that consumers are more attracted by visual cues rather than the content, which ultimately converts visitors into buyers. The average conversion rate of eCommerce stores was only 2.86% in 2018. In order to increase this percentage, your business needs to pay close attention to a number of different visual elements that facilitate conversions.

Do you want to find out how to boost your conversion rates? Well here are a few conversion levers that will help to revamp your business:

1. Optimize Your Website Speed

2. Pay Attention to the Website Design and Have Great Visuals 

3. Use Videos on Your Page

4. Include Customer Reviews

5. Use a Call-to-Action Button

6. Provide a Detailed Product Description

7. Include Add-to-Cart Button

1. Optimize Your Website Speed

“After waiting for more than three seconds, 53% of users leave the website”

After waiting for more than three seconds, 53% of users leave the website. This statistic might seem baffling, but the speed with which a page load is crucial in retaining the viewers. The average user has no patience for a page that takes too long to load; it’s simple as that. After waiting for more than 10 seconds, the rate of people leaving the site goes up significantly. Google ranks website speed as one of the most important factors, and sites that load slowly get a very negative ranking factor. In general, sites that load between 5 and 19 seconds have higher viewability, 70% longer average sessions and 35% lower bounce rates.

2. How can you Increase the Conversion Rate through Great Visuals and Website Design?

"50% of online buyers value large, high-quality images over anything else"

Everyone has heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and that can’t be any more relevant in the context of e-commerce conversion rates. About 78% of buyers want photos to bring products to life. Consumers will be drawn to your images and visual effects first and foremost, deciding on whether to continue shopping on your page within seconds. In addition, Forbes has shown that 50% of online buyers value large, high-quality images over anything else on the page. Just by using a large-size photo alone, you can increase your sales by 9.46%

97% of people that visit your website are not ready to make a purchase yet”

Around 97% of people that visit your website are not ready to make a purchase yet. If your website is getting traffic but no conversions, meaning that there is a high bounce rate, then this is indicative of inadequate site design. A good looking website means that people can easily find the information they need; in order to do this, you need to look after usability, making the website easy to navigate. In addition, poor filtering and sorting along with a badly placed navigation button can further confuse the consumer. Hubspot recommends changing the home page regularly in order to remain a high retention rate.

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First impressions matter when it comes to increasing your conversion rates. With this in mind, choosing product photography that will stand out is essential. This does not apply just to the general design of an eCommerce website but also concerns the quality of the product photography directly. Your images need to accurately reflect what the company is selling. Good product photography not only grabs your attention but also lets the user to seamlessly navigate the page and find what they were originally looking for.

A good landing page is your gateway to success, as it’s the first step in getting viewers’ attention and capturing their interest afterward.

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3. Using videos on your Page

“About 31% of consumers decide to purchase a product after watching the video”

Videos attract nearly 82% of all traffic online; keeping this in mind, you shouldn't miss out on this and include product videos on the website. When you sell a product, you also sell a story that comes with it. By adding a video to your product page, you tell this story and promote your product with a greater impact. Videos can also help to engage the viewers and keep them longer on your website. About 31% of consumers decide to purchase a product after watching the video. On top of that, consumers will spend 88% more time on average on a website that has a video. Experts say that adding a video to your website will increase:

  • Revenue

  • Click-through rates

  • Average order value

  • Conversion rates

You can also improve business on social media by posting a video. According to recent statistics, after analyzing over 777 posts, it was clear that videos attracted 59% of all audiences on Facebook. By posting and spreading videos on both, Ecommerce website and different types of social media, you can easily increase your conversion rates.

4. Include Customer Reviews

About 61% of consumers read online reviews before deciding to purchase the product. Reviews are known to drive sales and are becoming more and more influential in consumer's decision to buy. Simply put, user reviews increase conversions and up to 63% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a website that includes a review section. According to Reevoo, reviews increase sales by 18% on average, with a conversion uplift of 11%, average order uplift of 2% and a visitor return rate of 5%.


Reviews play a huge role when it comes to convincing consumers to finalize their purchases. About 85% of buyers read the reviews prior to completing the purchase. It’s crucial for you to place a maximum number of positive reviews underneath each product. Most people state that they read at least 6 reviews before finalizing their purchase. Thus, you should include the review section on your website to advance and prosper your business.

5. Incorporate Call-to-Action Button

“24% use commercial sites to buy a product or a service through the CTA button”

Call-to-action buttons are used on a website, specifically the landing page, to guide visitors to conversion. According to FEVAD, 45% of internet users use social networks to discover new commercial sites or new products and 24% use them to buy a product or a service through the CTA button. Users will click on the button, thus making an action you’re guiding them to make. The buttons usually vary in style and font, depending on the design of the page. Some common characteristics of call-to-action buttons are:

  • Add to cart buttons

  • Free trial sign-ups

  • Download buttons

The main goal for CTA buttons is to make sure that visitors end up completing the conversion. Make sure you select the color that will not only look appealing but also match the rest of the website. It is necessary to guide your users with the CTA button, helping them through their buying journey. 

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6. Provide a Detailed Product Description

A well-done product description can generate up to 78% of relative change in conversation

A well-done product description can generate up to 78% of relative change in conversation. By providing the necessary details you can go further with the product features and build an emotional connection. A description box needs to let the visitors know what they will be getting in return for the purchase. As a general rule, it takes only 5 seconds to get the viewers’ attention, so the visitors need to understand your values instantly.

In addition, the description needs to include potential concerns that might arise. You also need to include close-ups of the product you’re selling, this way the viewers can get a view of all angles and details.


7. Include an 'Add-to-Cart' Button

“About ⅔ of the consumers leave the website after adding items into their cart”

It’s vital that you emphasize the ‘Add to Cart’ button near your products. By choosing the right color, font, and a catchy phrase you can increase your conversion rate by at least 6.3%. Usually, it’s recommended to use a white background space around the button to make it more visible. Furthermore, it’s better to use a simple font, and test multiple versions for design and size. According to Smartinsights, current statistics on ‘Add to Cart’ rates are:

  • Average ‘Add-to-cart' rate is 10.9%

  • ‘Add-to-Cart’ is lower on smartphones (9.4%) compared to desktop (12.5%)

  • Tablet rates are similar to desktop rates with 10.3%

If you’re scared of losing potential buyers, make sure to use the retargeting technique in the form of a banner or a media-rich item. It’s one of the most common and proven ways to convert visitors into buyers. Enterprises such as Criteo and Target2Sell target their viewers to make sure they revisit the websites by sending them email reminders and tracking the time, specifically the number of hours and days it has been since they abandoned their purchase carts.

According to SaleCycle:

  • Emails sent 20 minutes after users leave the shopping cart, get a conversion rate of 5.2%
  • Emails sent out an hour after users leave the website, get a conversion rate 4.5%
  • Emails sent out 24 hours after consumers abandon their cart, get only 2.6%


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