Why consistency in your ecommerce visuals is vital for your brand image?

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Why consistency is important?

Why is it important to be consistent with your visuals you might ask? Well, once you start to make your consumers start or act in a certain way, they will continue to act in ways that are consistent with their initial actions. This idea is based on the consistency principle introduced by Dr. Robert Cialdini. The principle of consistency entails the idea that we act in a way that is consistent with the image we have portrayed to others. When it comes to consistency and branding, the goal is to create an identity that will encourage consumers to come back and shop for your products. Brand consistency will push consumers to purchase from the same website again as they want to be consistent with their thoughts, beliefs, and values.

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Consistency in visuals can drive your business game and increase sales

‘The average revenue increases by 23% when brands present consistency”

According to Grib, truly successful brands prioritize consistency in their visuals. The Nielson Norman group also supports this statement by saying that consistency is the most vital part of any online shopping experience for a consumer. Since the images on your website represent your brand, constructing a certain identity, it is crucial that the company invests in its product photography. Professional pictures can drive the entire business game, enabling you to achieve the desired results. In addition, brand consistency can increase your sales. LucidPress states that the average revenue increases by 23% when brands present consistency.

Ways in which your brand needs to be consistent

“A customized color palette can increase brand recognition by 80%

A customized color palette can increase brand recognition by 80%. Because of that, your brand needs to stay consistent with the color palette depicted in the visuals. For example, when you think of well-known brands such as Starbucks or Tiffany’s, you immediately think of specific colors like the green logo printed on every cup of this coffee chain or the baby blue background for which Tiffany’s is easily recognized for. This doesn’t mean that your brand has to stick to one color; instead, you need to focus on a few tones, whether it be pastels or bright, vibrant colors, that would ultimately create consistency within your product photography.

“Brands that are consistently presented are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience brand visibility”

Colors can vary, but they have to stay complementary to each other. Using filters can also set a specific tone and evoke a feeling, which in turn will establish consistency and recognition among the consumers. According to LucidPress, brands that are consistently presented are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience brand visibility.                                                   

Visual consistency creates subconscious connections between your brand and real life

“64% of buyers cited shared values as their primary reason for purchasing products from a specific brand”

Visual consistency is powerful because it can create connections between the brand image and a real-life memory. This can clearly be seen in Tide ads. Every time you walk past the wildflowers in a field, you might think about the Tide ad you saw earlier. Good product photos can spark emotional responses among your consumers, drawing their attention to your brand and later stimulating them not only to make a purchase but also to identify with the values of your brand.

Harvard Business Review states that 64% of buyers cited shared values as their primary reason for purchasing products from a specific brand. Moreover, your brand needs to establish visual consistency from the very beginning, since starting with a theme you’re unhappy with can lead to a number of issues later on.

Having consistency in your visuals can build trust among consumers

Once your company establishes consistency within its visuals, consumers will automatically think you’re more organized. When customers see that the brand looks good from the outside, they get the impression that inside the company everything is organized as well. An image of a well-running company can create trust among buyers and not only make them believe in your product, but also in your brand identity. Moreover, by developing a coherent message with your visual identity your brand can create better communication and convince more consumers to believe in your vision and mission.

How can Meero help you to build consistency through your visuals?

Meero is a leading expert in product photography. We partner with over 60,000 photographers around the world and can easily find a photographer whose skills are specific to the needs of your brand.

With us, you don’t have to worry about having issues with consistency in your brand visuals. Our talented and experienced photographers learn everything about your brand identity first, carefully listening to your demands and goals.

Thanks to its AI algorithm, Meero takes image processing to the next level. To take this even further, Meero’s AI can align all images to a specific filter and tone, producing consistent images that attract consumer traffic, build trust among buyers, evoke memories and create visibility. More importantly, we can deliver all the product images within the next 24 hours no matter your volume nor your location.


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