How to find the right packshot photographer

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Visuals are essential when it comes to making a memorable statement. Studies show that while only 20% of people remember the things they read, nearly 80% remember the things they see. To take this even further, statistics show that 21.8% of people shop online, representing nearly 1.66 billion people worldwide. Product photography can make or break the business. Therefore making a strong impression with a professional photo of the product is a must. To achieve the desired results, you need to collaborate with a photographer who is not only capable of working inside a studio and use different lighting techniques, but also take packshots that showcase your product and services in the best way possible.

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When deciding to make a purchase, 90% of online buyers state that the quality of product photography is the most important factor in the online sale. If you see a bad image, you automatically decide that the products produced by the brand are subpar. Most buyers won’t trust a business that has small, pixelated images on its website.

Have you been trying to find more guidance on how to find the right packshot photographer? Look no further! Here you can find all the tips that will help you see what to look for in a potential candidate. We can even make it easier for you by taking care of the entire packshot process for you!

How a good Packshot Photographer can help your brand to expand and increase sales

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By taking quality packshot photos, the photographer will help you to increase consumer traffic, which in turn will drive your social media presence. Consumers are 40 times more likely to share social media content that includes a good image. As the image will be shared more times on the platform, businesses will be more likely to reach more consumers. Social Media, such as Twitter, restricts the number of characters in a post, this way a lot of emphases can be put on a packshot image itself. A photographer is able to impact the brand in many ways, at the end becoming not only responsible for the photography aspect but also directly take part in making your business successful.

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Look for the Experience of the photographer

To achieve high-end results, a packshot photographer needs to have a solid background in product photography and years of experience. On top of that, creativity and an attitude that exhibits hard work play a significant role. Ensuring that the photographer has the right experience for your company will aid the entire process to run smoothly and remove any unnecessary issues and worries. In addition to having enough experience, a photographer should have some knowledge of the business and its drawbacks. An experienced photographer will know how to respect the colors of the product, as they have to match with the product that will be shipped to the consumer.

A Photographer needs to understand your specific needs

A good product photographer needs to understand exactly what the brand requires and adjust for the specific shoot. Furthermore, a professional and experienced photographer will understand the direction of the packshot and listen to your needs. Understanding how the brand is different from others will help to create packshot images that will show the identity of your company and convey the voice of the brand. They can also provide you with advice and answer any potential questions you might have.

Make Sure that the Equipment is Good to Go

The equipment should never overshadow the photographer or certainly take away from their talent and skill level. However, it is necessary to have good quality equipment regardless of how good the photographer is. The equipment does not have to contain the most recent, high tech gadgets. Instead, you should check to see if your photographer possesses the required material to perform the job. Make sure that the equipment satisfies all the requirements needed for packshot. Specifically, you need to pay attention to things like light stands that can be powered by either outlets or battery packs. Also, check if the photographer has the required umbrellas and backdrops to create a smooth and uniform background. Also, look for a few lightboxes that can soften your light source.


Setting a Deadline to Edit the Packshot Photos is Important

Prior to sealing the deal, the company needs to establish a deadline for the photographer to edit the photos. A photographer can spend up to four hours editing a single photo. Thus, it is in the best interest to negotiate the time frame and decide on a final date that will satisfy both parties. As the images will be used for your e-commerce website, you will also need to make the deadline, so other parties responsible for digital marketing won’t be set back.

Discussing the Price

The cost of a packshot varies depending on the complexity of the shoot and the number of images. A product packshot can start for as much as $10  per shot. In addition, the price will fluctuate based on the experience of the photographer and the quality of his professional pictures.

How Meero Takes Care of the Entire Packshot Production Process for You

Meero can take care of the entire process for you by first presenting you with different options. They choose a professional photographer that fits your needs and requirements. Meero partners with over 54,000 photographers worldwide, so it will be not an issue finding the right one for your brand.

In addition, Meero is responsible for the editing process as well. After the packshots are taken in a product photography studio, Meero edits the photos in the next 24 hours using its own AI algorithm. We always perform on time and you never have to worry about getting the final images past the deadline.

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