Success Story: Mayvenn, creating the future of salon retail, one hairstylist at a time

11 Jan 2021 by Monica Linzmeier

© Mayvenn by Meero 

Based out of Oakland, California, Mayvenn is an online salon that connects hair and service together. With a mission to provide high-quality beauty products to customers and empower beauty professionals by enabling them to grow their business, Mayvenn has taken the hair industry by storm. 

The company, which started in 2012 in the back of the founder’s Toyota Corolla, today has a community of over 50,000 stylists and customers all over the United States.

The online salon sells high-quality hair extensions, bundles, wigs, and more. It then connects its customers to Mayvenn Certified Stylists around the country, where the install and customization service is covered by Mayvenn. 

Wig customization

© Mayvenn by Meero 

Rebranding in record speeds 

In 2019, Mayvenn was undergoing a rebranding effort with ambitions to reshoot all of their products within a matter of weeks. Previously, photos and videos were done in-house, but as Mayvenn Creative Project Manager Tyler Yin explains, they needed to scale, and scale quickly. 

“Because this project was so big and we had to do it in a short period of time, we knew that we had to outsource it… We knew our deadline was crazy. Even people that helped us with our brand didn’t think it was possible to do it in that short of a time.”

- Tyler Yin, Creative Project Manager

In their search they found Meero, and they began discussing what they needed. 


© Mayvenn by Meero 

Organizing photo shoots in days, not weeks, with Meero

“We needed to find a team that could produce a large amount of photography in a short amount of time, with the quality that we wanted, and at a good price.  

And usually, you can’t have all three… but Meero was able to do a great job and achieve those goals.”

- Tyler Yin, Creative Project Manager


In order to completely revamp their branding, from their online webshop to their social media to their Youtube channel, Mayvenn needed to reshoot their entire product line, both on and off models.  They also need promotional videos for their hair in the salon and action shots of their hairstylists doing a custom wig fit.  

Together with the Meero team, they planned a series of different shoots with different styles and goals for each. The first shoots were about the products themselves and covered the entire range of brand products on multiple different backgrounds, while others included the whole range with models.


A month later they launched a new product, custom wigs, so they needed ‘lifestyle’ video footage of someone wearing the hair. They also needed to film the process that it takes for a stylist to do a custom wig. This final shoot of 2019 was organized to show in-action images of real hairstylists and the real salon experience.  

“Meero's ability to be flexible and adhere to our deadlines was amazing. We love our photos and we can't thank them enough for not only producing great quality photos but making sure we were satisfied every step of the way. We wouldn't have been able to accomplish our goals without them and we can't wait to start our next project.” 

- Tyler Yin, Creative Project Manager


Hair stylist Mayvenn

© Mayvenn by Meero 

What’s next for Mayvenn and Meero

After the great results of the large rebranding effort in late 2019, the next visual production project had to be put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the Mayvenn team hopes to have Meero work on their next community impact campaign to continue making a difference.

“We’re excited to actually give Meero the time to really plan it out, and not have to rush so many things, not do a project in just three days like last time.”

- Tyler Yin, Creative Project Manager

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