Success Story: How professional photos help Hopper sell better

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16 Jan 2020 by Joy Habib

Hopper, the app making the world travel differently 

Hopper is a mobile app on a mission to change the way the world travels. With algorithms predicting drops in booking prices, Hopper allowed its 45 million users to save almost 3 billion dollars on trips. Hopper’s winning formula enabled the company to quickly top app charts in more than 50 countries. 

The problem? Hopper’s sales strategy heavily relies on great visual content. With the service expanding to new markets, the booking app needed to hire freelance photographers… but didn’t have the network to reach them. So they turned to Meero.

Who do we turn to that has this resource already? We met with Meero, and they happened to have people everywhere.

JM, from Hopper's content team

The solution 

Meero knows a thing or two about managing travel photoshoots at a global scale. With an impressive community of photographers around the world and a knack for coordinating complex international projects, Meero was just the partner for Hopper.

Meero’s Production teams managed the projects and maintained smooth communication between all parties while implementing high quality guidelines that kept Hopper happy. 

What’s more, Meero’s cutting-edge photo editing algorithms can automate the post-production process, delivering the best photos under unbeatable deadlines.

Listen to JM's testimony in the video above 

The delivery 

The first step of the collaboration was defining strict photography guidelines that would ensure the coherence of all the photos. 
A dedicated Meero team worked hand-in-hand with Hopper to understand their visual branding. Open communication and collaboration between the two teams was key to deliver highly successful travel images. 

Whatever we had thrown at them, they were able to accomplish it very quickly.

JM, from Hopper's content team

The results 

On average, Meero orchestrated over 150 photoshoots in a month. But it’s not just about the numbers!  The Meero teams were quick to adapt to unforeseen circumstances without ever compromising on the quality of the photos. They were able to consistently meet deadlines and quality standards!

Meero and Hopper both understand the power of visual content: instantly impressing viewers and grabbing their attention! Want the same wow effect for your travel business? Discover what Meero can do for you!

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