How to increase sales in the automobile industry?

“Despite the fact that 95% of car sales are made at the dealership, most clients go to search engines first”

Online advertising is vital when it comes to attracting buyers to your car dealership. Since this is a risky industry, and consumers have to make a serious financial decision, promoting automotive deals online can be quite challenging. To avoid potential struggles regarding low traffic and unsatisfactory sales numbers, it’s worth to analyze your marketing strategy and get a few tips on how to have consistency within your profit margins. There are a few strategies you can follow that have been proven to be successful in the past. Take a look at the following tips that will help out your car dealership business:

1. Build trust with customer reviews 

2. Invest in Visuals 

3. Don’t forget about Google SERP

4. Use virtual reality tours 

5. Use social media to your advantage

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1. Build trust with customer reviews 

For a buyer, getting a car is a serious and well-thought-out decision. People spend months deciding on the model of the car, spending numerous hours of research and consulting the opinions of others. According to DMA, 68% of those surveyed in the industry rely on automotive reviews before purchasing a car. Reviews are a valuable social proof, ensuring buyers that their decisions to buy are valid. Consumers prefer to turn to the opinions of other customers, instead of getting all the information from the marketing materials. This means that a high rating and positive reviews can make your business successful. 

In 2018, a Review Tracker showed that 67% of customers believe that auto reviews are more influential than reviews from other industries like healthcare, insurance, and banking. However, the Review Tracker also specified that the automotive industry has an average star rating of 4.21, meaning that it’s only the eighth highest-rated industry. In order to change that, the automotive industry needs to put more emphasis on great reviews, which ultimately starts at the dealership level. 

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In order to get more reviews, you need to follow a few steps to get buyers’ attention. Here are some of them:

  • Have a personal website 

  • Email previous buyers with customer satisfaction surveys 

  • Send people follow-up text messages 

  • Create additional landing pages if your website has a lot of traffic 

  • Ask for a review at the sales location 

In addition, to keep up a good reputation, you need to make sure that everything is up to date. You should always be proactive when it comes to responding to negative reviews. Review responses will show that you care about customer satisfaction and that you’ll continue to improve your services. 

2. Invest in your visuals 

Visual displays play a big role in the automotive industry. Images help customers experience the cars they’re interested in before actually making a purchase. Dealership owners have to deal with many aspects when it comes to visual advertising. They are a number of elements that photographers need to keep in mind when shooting for the automotive industry. Here are some of the elements you need to be aware of:

  • Use colors that are good for relaxing moods and feelings 

  • Use the necessary props and signs 

  • Have correct lighting that enhances the special features 

  • Don’t forget to keep it simple, less is more in this case

Red and blue Smart cars

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Studies have shown that people have retained up to 65% of visual material three days after seeing it. In contrast, only 10% of the written content is usually retained. Coming up with good images can be challenging, especially considering all the regulations and nuances. Many times, it’s better to outsource your photography services. 

At Meero, we’re experts at providing you with high-quality photography. As the largest photography company in the world that raised over $230 million in funds, we pair your brand with the best-suited photographer near you. At Meero, we partner with 58,000 photographers in more than 100 countries. While a 60-minute shoot takes a photographer on average four hours of post-production work, Meero’s AI is able to complete the same work in seconds. 

Thanks to its adaptable and scalable solutions Meero can provide photography that reflects the identity of your brand while delivering the final product in less than 24 hours.  

Keeping this in mind, you can partner with Meero, and we can find your photographer tailored to the needs of your automotive industry in no time. 

3. Don’t forget about Google SERP

Search Engine Result Pages, or Google SERP, are extremely important in digital marketing. SERPs are web pages that pop up when users search for something online using a search engine. Every SERP is unique to different users because it’s based on previous search history. Even if two SERPs might appear identical, when looking closely, you will see subtle differences. SERP usually generates two types of results- organic and paid. Organic results appear as listings of web pages as a result of the search engine algorithms, with SEO specializing in optimization of web content and websites to rank more highly in organic search results. 

In contrast, paid results are the ones that have been paid for by the advertisers. Paid results can come in a number of formats, ranging from images to tiles and short texts. 

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On average, a car shopper only visits two dealerships when searching for a new vehicle. This means that it’s super important to show up high on the local search results. A car dealership contains multiple businesses in one, such as selling old and used cars and providing repair services. In addition to that, each dealership might have their own website for each location. In order to make sure your websites are attracting enough traffic, you need to use tools such as:

  • Google MyBusiness 

  • Use videos

  • Questions and Answers section 

  • Optimize images 

4. Use virtual reality tours 

For a few years now, Virtual Reality has been a popular tool for the automotive industry. Big firms like Seat, Volkswagen, Ford, and Renault allow companies to showcase their new products without spending tons of money on physical exhibitions. VR presents great opportunities when it comes to marketing and sales. Many companies tend to show their vehicles in VR for both partners and direct clients. What’s more, companies can easily customize colors and present many options. One VR simulation can replace multiple car models. Buyers can alter colors and textures, tailoring these choices to their own needs and wants. 

VR lets customers be transported into various scenes and situations. Furthermore, they can test the vehicles at many different places, whether it be at the dealership spot or in the comfort of their own homes.

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

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Some might think that Virtual Reality is the new model of the future. However, this is not true. Virtual Reality has been widely used for more than 20 years, with a proven ROI. 

On top of being extremely useful in the marketing department, Virtual Reality tours are beneficial in training technicians and ergonomic assessment. Ford manages more than 900 assembly tasks per new vehicle, with the help of virtual reality tours. In addition, Ford reduced the number of employee injuries by 70% and lowered ergonomic issues encountered by 90%

5. Don’t forget about social media

For auto-dealers, it’s necessary to have a good social media presence both nationally and locally. Social media is a great tool that can reflect recent trends in sentiment analysis of auto industry trends. Once you can see the trending characteristics, you’re more capable of adjusting your marketing strategy and following the newest trends in order to stay on top of your game. 

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According to Shamos, 90% of new-vehicle buyers who use social media in their decision process feel that it influenced their decision. Here are a few other statistics that show how vital social media is in the automotive industry:

  • 87% of buyers use a discovery platform to look for a vehicle 

  • 31% of buyers believe that Facebook is a primary platform that influences them 

  • 1 in 4 buyers user Twitter before making a decision to purchase a car 

  • Snapchat users are 2.4 times more likely to be interested in a new vehicle than non-Snapchat users 

Other statistics show that 66% of car owners are registered on Facebook, and would regularly click on the car ad once it pops up on a Facebook page. Experts claim that you are actually bringing damage to your industry if you decide to exclude social media from the marketing strategy. 


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