How photographs impact the performance of short-time rental sites

More than 75% of visitors to properties on Airbnb and other similar sites say that the photographs of the accomodation have a big influence on their decision. For short-term rental companies in particular, photos play an extremely important role as the first impression for most of their website visitors. On TripAdvisor for example, 53% of users won't reserve a room or apartment if it doesn't have any photos.

Professional photos are crucial for your listings because not only do they inform clients of the facilities and conditions of the accomodation, but they increase your CTR (click-through rate), the number of your reservations and your revenues. 

1. Professional photos increase your CTR
2. Professional photos can increase your revenues by doubling your reservations
3. Meero is the company to take care of increasing your ROI

1) Professional photos increase your CTR (Click-Through Rate)

Listings with high quality photos get 63% more clicks online

On short-term rental platforms (which now take up over 39% of all online reservations), the effect of photos on click-through rates is very clear:  listings with high quality photos get 63% more clicks online than those with poor quality, amateur photos.

On the most famous of these platforms, Airbnb, for example, a listing with an HD, professionally shot photo gets seven times the number of clicks of listings without.

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On travel websites and online marketplaces, photos allow you to set yourself apart from the enormous competition with your professionalism. On for example, there are already more than 2,302,526 different listings ranging from enormous chains like the Hilton down the small B&Bs.
Use professional photos to stand out from the croud and turn up first in the search results. To take another example, Trivago's data suggests listings with a high-quality main photo (the one that will appear as the cover photo in the results list), have a 96% higher click-through rate.

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2) Professional photos increase your revenues by doubling your reservations

By increasing your CTR, professional photos directly impact your revenues. When Airbnb started  requiting professional to take photos of the apartments and rooms listed on their site, their reservations increased 2.5x

What's more, the Airbnb platform lists current statistics on how property owners can see this effect in their own reservation rates by using suitable visual content.

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Listings with professional photos tend to get 40% more revenues, get 24% more reservations, and can increase their prices by 26% per night. (These figures are based on a study of more than 100,000 listings in 2016 with and without professional photos.)

You can see then how how visual content increases your revenues not only from more people reserving your properties, but also thanks to an increase in price people pay per night. A listing with a nice image is generally rented for prices 20% higher than if they didn't have any images.

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TripAdvisor lists over 4.4 million different properties around the world. According to a study they carried out themselves:

  • Accomodation with at least 1 PHOTO have a 138% higher rate of travel engagement
  • Accomodation with more than 100 PHOTOS has a 151% higher rate of travel engagement
  • Accomodation with at least 1 PHOTO  has a 225% higher chance of booking inquiry
  • Accomodation with more than 100 PHOTOS has a 238% higher chance of booking inquiry.

This study shows two main things: the first is that it's extremely important to use professional photos if you want to improve your travel engagement and double your chances of getting a reservation. The second is that you don't need to spend huge amounts of money to get hundreds of photos - it's enough to get a few high-quality photos to start a real boost in your online reservations.

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Tyann Marcink, an experienced expert in the holiday accomodation photography business, has studied the photographic techniques used in the market and how they impact their locations. She says that:

I like to stay in touch with the property owners/mangers I've worked with. One year later I ask them if their reservation rates and revenues have increased thanks to professional photos. Generally, they see an increase of just under 50%. In dollars, that translates to an investment of $500 on the professional photos bringing in $25,000 the following year. Not all the property owners get the same results, but they still react positively in every case.

3) Meero can take care of increasing your ROI

In the short-term property rental industry, where 51% of property owners think they don't get enough reservations and 31% say they don't make enough money, Meero, as professional photography startup, can guarantee your a profitable, turnkey solution to the problem of your visuals.

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Meero is specialised in this market and understands the impact of professional photos on reservations - a strategy that many in the industry are still ignoring (only 43% of property owners use professionals for their images.) Thanks to a global network of 58,000 professional photographers with experience in the real estate industry, businesses and minor landlords that have used Meero's solutions have seen the click-through rate of their properties increase 2.8x

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Meero takes care of all the specific visual needs for your business. From planning the photoshoot to the delivery of edited, high-definition photos back to in the next 24 hours, Meero can boost your visibility in record time. All you have to do is explain what you need and the photographers adapt to your requirements.
Meero also offers innovative new visual production ideas, like aerial drone videos to get a unique, all-round perspective of your property, also allowing you to showcase the local area.

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30 Apr 2019 by Pauline Gabrielli

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