How to use Instagram For Your Real Estate Agency?

One of the most used platforms in the world, Instagram has changed the way businesses work! Simple to use and offering the possibility to express your creativity thanks to its many features, this social network also has the highest engagement rate: on average, the interaction rate with brands is 1.53% on Instagram for just 0.10% on Facebook and 0.04% on Twitter. It is therefore an ideal platform to stand out, to enlarge your community much faster and get real estate leads. Here are the following steps needed to create, understand and properly use the most famous platform today, Instagram.

Step 1: Download the app on your tablet or smartphone

instagram logo

Step 2: Sign up

When opening the app, choose either the Sign Up With Email or Phone Number, then enter your email address or phone number (which will require a confirmation code) and tap Next.  You can also choose the option of ‘Log in with Facebook’ to directly sign up with your Facebook account.

instagram real estate tutorial

If you register with your email or phone number, you will need to create a username (Your Business name) and password, and fill out your profile info. If you register with Facebook, you'll be asked to log into your Facebook account.

instagram real estate tutorial

You can also create an Instagram account from a computer: (However, options are limited)

Go to, enter your email address, create a username and password or click Log in with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook account. If you register with an email, click Sign up.

instagram front page

instagram sign up



Step 3: Set up a free business profile

As soon as you have signed up on your smartphone, Instagram will ask you if you are a business. In this case, yes you are!

instagram real estate tutorial


Once you have gone through these 4 steps explaining to you what Instagram Business Tools are, just press Continue. The next step is to connect your professional facebook page to your new Instagram. If you do not have one, you have the option to choose skip instead. Next up is what category business are you in. Product or Service is the best option! Now you will able to fill in the proper and necessary details in order for your profile to be ready and up for “business”! Enter the Business or companies professional Email address, phone number and business address. Tap Done!

instagram tutorial real estate

If for some reason, your profile doesn’t allow for you to automatically use Business Tools upon sign up, you can follow the steps below in order to switch this option on.

Go to your profile and tap

Find the ‘Switch to Business Profile’ heading and select the Facebook Page you'd like to associate with your Business Profile on Instagram with. Make sure you set your profile to Public. Private accounts can't switch to Business Accounts. On the Set Up Your Business Profile page, review your business's contact information, make any changes and tap Done.

Just a reminder! This is also where you can find your Business Tools area!

instagram real estate

meero subscibe

 Step 4: Add Interesting Bio / Explain who you are

You need to authenticate your account as much as possible. In order for customers and followers to feel comfortable knowing your account is credible, your description must explain exactly what you do and sell.

Instagram real estate



Step 5: Follow users

Now that your account is set up. You should start following your favorite accounts that correspond to your business. Following accounts that may have the same clientele or interest as your business. Developing a large database on social media platforms like instagram is important because it could be crucial to the success of your account.

In order to follow an account, you simply go to the search symbol at the bottom of the app. You will hit the search page, click at the top to begin typing. It will automatically put you in the “Top” section, however, I recommend that you switch to the “People” section instead, for more precise results.

real estate instagram best practice

Once you are on the section called ‘People’, you can begin to type the names or subjects of the type of people you would like to be following. As you begin to type, profiles will begin to appear. Click on the profile you desire to follow. You will now arrive onto their profile. If you would like to follow them, tap on the Follow tab at the top of their profile. After tapping it, you will notice a change in the color and it should show a little man with a check mark beside him indicating that you are following the profile.

Real estate

Step 6: Create Content

Create quality photos

The most important part. Pick what type of content you will be posting. Choose a theme, and stick to it. The more clear and high quality the photos, the better interaction from the public you will receive. It’s proven that a beautiful professional photograph whether on a website or a social media platform, is more effective than any smartphone or low quality photograph.

Especially as a real estate agent, using professional photography is extremely important. The statistics that show the difference in engagement if a listing has pro photos compared to smartphone or less, is astonishing. The same works with instagram. A beautiful picture really is worth a thousand words, and honestly it’s also worth thousands of dollars.

Instagram pictures real estate beautiful


Step 7: How to create a post

Tap on the small plus sign at the bottom of the app. Once chosen, you will have to allow  for Instagram to use your photo library. From there, you pick the photo you would like to post, and tap on it. You proceed to the next step by pressing next.

real estate instagram

You will now find yourself in an option to pick a filter for your photo. It is most recommended that the photo is either edited before or that you use the same filter for each photo so that the color theme within your content has a repetitive, pleasing to eye look. Tap on next to proceed.

Now we have come to the most important part. This is where you choose what you your caption will say. What the photo represents or what you want the audience to know about the photo. You may also choose to add the location of which the photo was taken. (this option can help you gain more visibility). This is also the step where you add the hashtags in order to also gain more visibility. Once completed, tap on Share and your picture is posted!

meero instagram real estate


Step 8: Use real esate hashtags

Hashtags are extremely important on Instagram as they allow people to find your post in the search bar, without hashtags in your post nobody will ever stumbleupon your content. Thus It is recommended to use at least 20 hashtags per post to increase engagement.

For example, one of the most popular hashtags may be #realestateagent. You can use this hashtag under a photo of your listing. Then, anybody who uses or clicks on this hashtag, will see your photo under the selection.

hastags instagram real estate

Step 9: Engage

Post frequently

Posting at least twice a day is necessary for your followers to feel that you are truly engaged. Consistency is key.  It is also extremely important to get an idea of what time of the day your follows engage on instagram most. Once you have these times, it makes it much easier to know when to post and what to post.

Engage with followers

Once you begin to build your following, you should engage with them. Comment and like their photos on your newsfeed. It is also highly recommended to engage with accounts that you do not follow you yet. Interconnecting with these other accounts will allow for you to create visibility within your community. They acknowledge your comments and likes and follow your account. Buildinging your following is important because it generates legitimacy for those who travel to your account. If you have a higher amount of follows, you seem to the viewer, as a justified account.


How Instagram can change your business!

Gain visibility!  Attract new clients!  Attract younger base of clients!  

Facts about Instagram:

  • 500 Million monthly users

  • 300 Million daily users

  • 4.2 Billion likes per day

  • 216,000 photos posted every minute

  • 30% Of the total US population uses Instagram

  • More than half of all millennials are on Instagram every day

There’s no better way to humanize your business than Instagram. Think of it as the press release of the 21st Century. A picture is worth a thousand words and a real estate Instagram allows you to tell an impactful, visual story about who you really are and what you really do. Because a beautiful visual is sometimes worth more than a thousand words, Instagram is a great way to let your photos speak for you.

According to Global Web Index, 41% of Instagram users are between the ages of 16 and 24; this is an opportunity to reach a young and active target. By the way, the contact on Instagram is much easier. You will have no difficulty connecting to a community of other agents, nor will you struggle to build stronger relationships with your past, present and future customers. Regularly posting content related to your daily real estate agent allows you to cultivate a relationship of trust!

When you are able to position yourself as an industry expert, it will be a lot easier to attract new clients.  Social media websites are also a great way to network with other professionals. Instagram for real estate agents is totally different from Facebook or Twitter. The engagement is ten times higher than Facebook and the demographic is much more affluent. Hundreds of agencies and promoters already use Instagram to share their daily newspaper, ads and news from the real estate industry. To better understand the extent of this craze, we have selected some of the most inspiring accounts.

With the majority of real estate searches beginning online, Instagram is a great way to showcase listings. Here are some of the top and most followed real estate agents and or agencies on Instagram!


Success Stories

Take a look at real estate agents who mastered the use of Instagram !

Chad Carroll : 378 000 followers

Here we have Chad Carroll, one of the most successful brokers in florida! He has even been invited on the Bravo show Million Dollar Listing Miami because of his success.

Instagram helped him build his entire universe and empire, proving to show his listings and their qualities. Beating his competitors to the show by posting frequently, his amazing listings and the professional work he does. He uses his platform well because he posts ‘stories’ which are the little circles above his pictures. This gives a personal inside view of his life as a real estate agent to his followers, enriching his image proving he’s a real authentic person as well as a successful real estate agent.

Caroll real estate instagram

This photo taken directly off Carroll’s Instagram is an example of a great quality picture to post. A view always makes the viewer dream. Any photo that shows the best asset of the apartment, house and or listing will always attract more likes, comment and or shares from your followers! The beauty of the colors and the dream behind loving the view and wishing this was their views will get the engagement running high.

real estate caroll


Jordan Cohen: 194 000 followers

Jordan Cohen’s profile is the perfect example. He posts quality content! He has all the different professional photos including drone photos, twilight photos, 360 tours and more. He gives his follows a full view of the house before they even contact him! Proving his listings are all worthy and worth seeing in person. His bio also shows a great example! He explains who he is, his capabilities and accomplishments in 1 sentence. He has also provided his website and his favorite hashtag!


Real estate cohen

Meero sign up

When it comes to taking a photo of the interior, it becomes more complicated. The photo must be professionally taken otherwise you lose all credibility. The interior decoration must be straightened, cleaned and perfectly staged for the client to be able imagine living in the space. The photo must be bright and stand out on your feed. Like this photo posted by Jordan Cohen. The photo is well centered and clear. There is also the advantage of a slight view through the back! The fact that this photo is lit with natural lighting also help catch your eye as your scrolling through your feed.

Real estate Cohen

14 Nov 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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