Why Real Estate Agents Should Use Instagram!

While there are a number of digital tools that can maximize your visibility on the Internet, Instagram is undoubtedly the most appropriate way to share your most inspiring visuals. Today, millions of brands use it to improve their digital communication, without necessarily making the choice to pay a sponsored ad. Knowing that the social network now has more than 800 million active users per month, neglecting its usefulness would mean losing a considerable number of potential targets. It’s no wonder many independent real estate agencies and professionals have already made the leap.


Facts about Instagram: 

  • 500 Million monthly users

  • 300 Million daily users 

  • 4.2 Billion likes per day

  • 216,000 photos posted every minute

  • 30% Of the total US population uses Instagram

  • More than half of all millennials are on Instagram every day

Instagram Likes


Instagram, your visual ally

There’s no better way to humanize your business than Instagram. Think of it as the press release of the 21st Century. A picture is worth a thousand words – And a real estate Instagram allows you to tell an impactful, visual story about who you really are and what you really do. Because a beautiful visual is sometimes worth more than a thousand words, Instagram is a great way to let your photos speak for you. Simple to use and offering the possibility to express your creativity thanks to its many features, this social network also has the highest engagement rate: on average, the interaction rate with brands is 1.53% on Instagram for just 0.10% on Facebook and 0.04% on Twitter. It is therefore an ideal platform to stand out, to enlarge your community much faster ... Still need to post quality photos.

According to Global Web Index, 41% of Instagram users are between the ages of 16 and 24; this is an opportunity to reach a young and active target. By the way, the contact on Instagram is much easier. You will have no difficulty connecting to a community of other agents, nor will you struggle to build stronger relationships with your past, present and future customers. Regularly posting content related to your daily real estate agent allows you to cultivate a relationship of trust!


The Instagram Pros

When you are able to position yourself as an industry expert, it will be a lot easier to attract new clients.  Social media websites are also a great way to network with other professionals.  Instagram for real estate agents is totally different from Facebook or Twitter. The engagement is ten times higher than Facebook and the demographic is much more affluent. Hundreds of agencies and promoters already use Instagram to share their daily newspaper, ads and news from the real estate industry. To better understand the extent of this craze, we have selected some of the most inspiring accounts.

Jordan Cohen

Jordan Cohen Instagram


Cindy Ambuehl

Cindy Ambuehl Instagram


Jade Mills  

Jade Mills Instagram


Those you will attract to your Instagram! 

  1. Local Buyers looking for homes in your area

  2. Local homeowners looking to sell

  3. Out of town Realtors looking for referral agents in your area

  4. Out of town buyers looking for homes in your area

  5. New clients who discover your real estate Instagram profile

  6. Past clients who keep up with you online

  7. Clients who were tagged on Instagram by a mutual connection

  8. Competitors 


Some Tips To Get Noticed 

Needless to say, sharing a selfie a day is not the most sensible thing you could do. Unless you are as popular as these agents, whose account contains more photos of their egos alongside the big names of American show business, rather than pictures of the immeasurably luxurious villas they are trying to sell to them.

Here are some tips for using Instagram optimally:

  • Stand out: nothing beats a photo of quality to highlight your ads, attract attention and expand your community. Try to keep some consistency in the use of filters made available during the modification.

  • Be transparent: share the news of your daily life, live videos of your real estate visits! It's a good way to get your subscribers to feel closer to you.

  • Think of a good use of hashtags: the chatbot on the platform allows you to find many hashtags in seconds.

  • Keep an eye on the competition: it's always useful to know what's going on at your 'neighbor's house'.

  • Vary your tools: Instagram belongs to Facebook since 2012, do not hesitate to share your posts and advertisements on these two networks in order to increase their efficiency.


You are now perfectly capable of developing your reputation on Instagram! However, this doesn't mean you will get thousands of subscribers with a snap of your fingers. Working on social media takes time, but it's also a matter of habit. And when you've taken it, you too may be able to make your Instagram account a reference in the field. Luckily, you’re a Realtor, so you have access to some of the most beautiful photos on Earth – Literally. Use professional photography whenever possible. But for photos around town, when you’re out and about, you can use your phone – Just be sure to use your filters and make sure that all fo your photos ar stunners.


14 Nov 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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