Use Facebook To Rent or Buy Your Next Home

In today’s consumer world, It’s essential for a company to have a share of visibility on social networks, and real estate agencies are not excluded. More and more of them are creating a Facebook page to have additional sales space, in order to quickly develop their visibility. Publishing exclusive news and announcements regularly is a great way to build a relationship of trust and a close connection between agencies and their future prospects. But in recent years, many groups aiming to sell or rent a property thrive on Facebook, allowing direct interaction between individuals.

Here are their advantages and disadvantages decrypted for you.

1- You save time... and money!

This new way of finding the ideal apartment is mainly of interest to young people, but is of course accessible to everyone. The process is fast, free and rather reassuring. All exchanges except payments are on Facebook. This facilitates research and increases the chances of finding the rare pearl, especially some groups like "Gypsy Housing NYC" exceed 150,000 members. That’s a large community of people willing to live with you or eager to share their apartment.


With its advantages, this way to find a home has some disadvantages.

2- You lose the expertise of a professional

There is no requirement on follow-ups, commitment contracts, and no guarantee of sale. There are few offers and lots of requests and advertisers have difficulties to stand out. The enhancement of the property is not optimal. The gaze of the individual is subjective, sometimes wrong. But then again, this revolution in the world of real estate is harmful to the agencies? Most of the moderators in these groups refuse ads through real estate agencies, a new business model that leaves room for questions from professionals. Nevertheless, these Facebook groups also allow agencies to recruit owners and optimize the visibility of their properties.


3- New: The Facebook Marketplace

Following the success of these sites and Facebook groups selling between individuals, a new feature has emerged on the leader of social networks. Worrying professional agents even more. Facebook has adapted to the desires of its users and now offers features equivalent to those of a real estate listing site, a real marketplace for anyone to sell or rent their apartment or house. The search is done by category; from furniture to vehicles to real estate, you will find your bliss. You can search by geographic area and price to access the product listing to contact the seller if you are interested. The transaction continues directly via Messenger to organize any visits and payment.


Image Credit: Facebook Market Place


10 Apr 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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