3 Start-ups that are Revolutionizing the World of Interior Design

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Uncomfortably seated on your white or “used to be” white couch? Your feet buried in the dusty carpet that you picked up at grandma’s before you moved in? You try to remember why one day you invested half a salary on that neon pink plastic table while swearing undeniably every time you walk by those yellow checkered curtains.

Spring cleaning is around the corner and this is the perfect time to redecorate! And if eating rice for 3 months to be able to afford redecorating your living room with the help of a professional does not entice you, know that there is indeed an alternative. No more self-persuading that "maybe, this table isn't that bad".

The start-ups listed below are evolving interior design so that it is quicker, more affordable, and more convenient for customers. These startups are ready to transform your interior.


1 - Create the home you’ve always wanted with Houzz

Houzz helps you discover design ideas, select the ones you want, and then connects them to local professionals to help. It even allows users to purchase goods from their incomparable collection. You are given a series of topics you may be interested in which is then constructed to meet your every desire. (As seen below) 

create your home with Houzz


search professionals Houzz


Houzz has created a safe haven for their customers as a place to find the right design and construction professionals. They can browse, save beautiful home photos and connect with others who have been there too. They have established a large community of almost over 40 million homeowners, designers, and professionals, in order for you to live better. Houzz is the best way to get inspired, discover products and to find and collaborate with the perfect architect, designer or contractor.



Image Credits: Houzz

Houzz also provides a unique feature on their website. They use their website as a sort of platform for the customers and to share their stories of success and for professionals to give advice on frequently asked questions. Even if you don’t refer to using their designers, you can check out their website and their ‘Stories & Advice’ tab to inspire or have any lingering questions you may have on your home.


2 - Reimagine your home with Homepolish

This interior design start-up lives up to their name! They will redecorate and renovate your home until it’s gleaming. You can browse over a thousand original room photos designed exclusively by Homepolish designers, then, when you’re ready, you can meet your own Homepolish designer either in your home or video chat. You will receive advice and resources customized to your project, and you can hire your designer for a flat hourly rate to make your vision a reality.


redesign home Homepolish



Every hour is spent working uniquely on what you need, from renovations, to picking paint colors to sending you furniture options. Just a few clicks to find yourself in the paradise of "Home Design". This startup is however different from the previous one by offering you a concierge service.  This service includes, you creating an unlimited list of products and a team that helps manage your orders and make your experience as easy as possible. They help eliminate any extra time your designer would take ordering, by doing it directly for them.


Homepolish: how does it work?

Image Credits: HomePolish


3 - Virtualize your apartment with Hutch

Starting their path on the famous show “Shark Tank”, Hutch was determined to help the world with interior design. This revolutionary app is the ultimate answer for the millennials who are seeking a real deal futuristic approach to help them.  


Hutch virtualize your apartment


This app allows you to simply take a photo of the space desired, and it’s virtually decorated by an expert within an hour for you. You can also choose the option of decorating your own apartment virtually, with the endless options they provide you. Easy peasy, and its fun too!

Hutch: how does it work

You have the option of picking styles such as boho, floral or modern and the whole room is decorated to that liking. You can also decide to swap products if you choose to. Their products come from a wide range of brands such as CB2, West Fair and even Anthropologie.  


Image Credits: Hutch


As you can see, decorating your home is not rocket science, you just need a little help. These three startups have the qualities required to make your living room a more pleasant room to live in. No more endless walks in the corridors of the big furniture stores. The hours spent doubting which color palette to choose will no longer exist in your life; and of course, the little neon pink table that haunted your Netflix bingeing nights can disappear. It's your turn, you can start now!

07 Feb 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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