Meet Hanna Zakouri, one of Meero’s Parisien-turned-New Yorkers

Dec 26, 2019 by Monica Linzmeier

From Paris to New York and beyond, Meero is changing the industry of photography for good. Every week this winter, we are meeting one of the team members that make the magic happen. Today we are speaking with Hanna Zakouri in New York and her role as a Test Phase Producer, what that entails and how she got her office nickname.    


What did you do before coming to Meero? 

I was Head production manager at Parallel Studio, the animation studio known for the most ‘Unsatisfying video.’ (Check it out below) I’m originally trained in Art direction but never tried to get a job as an AD. I’ve been a Producer for five years now, I started in advertising at BBDO and Sid Lee with commercials and print campaigns. I moved to New York to study Film Production and broaden my experience to music videos, TV series and now photography.  

© Parallel Studio

Can you explain what you do at Meero?

I’m a Test Phase Producer. Collaboration is very much at the heart of my work. What that means is I am in a really challenging position, working with a lot of different teams. I’m in charge of setting up the most efficient production workflow to ensure the success of our soon-to-be clients’ first photoshoots. I am lucky enough to work alongside the Operations department, Client success managers, post-production, the Photo quality department and the photographers themselves! 

Once a trial ends and clients are happy to move forward with us, I hand over the projects to my fellow producers.


What do you like about Meero and how did you find out about it?

I love that we’re French, ha! I’m proud and happy that it all started in my hometown and that we’re now giving opportunities and partnering with photographers all over the world. More than anything, I love my team; a bunch of talented and hilarious human beings. 

I found out about Meero on Welcome to the Jungle back in 2018, I saw our COO Gaetan’s interview and wanted to know more. 


Can you explain what you do at Meero in three words?


Creative direction 

Supervise edits 


Any fun facts to share? 

Fun fact: I was one of the first employees in the New York Office, back then one of my fellow producers called me Chouchou (favorite in French)  since then the whole NY office has been calling me like that… so much that I sometimes don’t respond when someone calls me Hanna. 

What do you usually have on your desk?

Coffee,  chocolate, and a pen - I’m always drawing when I’m on the phone. 


What was your best idea ever?

Moving to New York to study Film Production! 

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