Get to know one of Meero's Partner Acquisition Coordinators, Poppy Mason-Taylor

Nov 28, 2019 by Monica Linzmeier

Three years ago Meero was a small startup with big aspirations to empower creatives around the world. Now, Meero is the largest photography company in the world that continues to better the lives of photographers in more than 100 countries by providing them with guidance, educational material, a platform to communicate with each other and connecting them with top global brands. We are giving creatives the necessary tools and providing them with time-saving technology to ease their lives and let them focus more on what they love. You might wonder who is behind all this? Well, here’s your chance to meet the team and get to know the people that are committed to improving the world of photographers. Meet Poppy:


What did you do before coming to Meero? 

Before Meero I had quite a few different jobs. I started out in Beijing doing a marketing internship after graduation. It was a great adventure! It was only three months long but it meant that I could gain work experience while also doing things like cuddling a baby panda and camping overnight on the Great Wall. It was a great stepping stone between study and full-time work!


I then moved to Paris and I have been here now for five years. Firstly, I worked in broadcast media. I was working in operations, so setting up all of our ‘lives.’ We worked with international clients for TV news and I did that for two and a half years. 

Then I went into guest communications with Hostmaker. I was looking after all the guests that would come to Paris for their Airbnb stays. Then I had a few little stints in luxury real estate, hotels, teaching English and also being an executive assistant before I started here at Meero in January. So I have tried a few jobs but by far Meero is my favorite job I have had! 


How did you find yourself here then? 

I was looking for something international, I came across Meero on LinkedIn and I thought ‘Wow what a great opportunity - it’s a startup, I think there’s going to be great evolution.’

I could never have imagined just how much evolution would happen so quickly! When I came for my interview everyone was so friendly. I am really happy that I am here. 


Can you explain what you do at Meero?

I am a Partners Acquisition Coordinator for the APAC market so essentially we find photographers and they come on board as partner photographers and videographers and help us with all of our services. In the APAC market, I am primarily looking for Taiwan, Singapore, and I have also worked in Australia and New Zealand, so a wide range of countries.

We tell our candidates about Meero, we help them to get on board!


What do you like about Meero?

Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and it’s the first time that I actually look forward to coming to work as opposed to it being a duty. I like how there’s always a good atmosphere, people are always happy to help one another.

It’s so international, I love that. A lot of my jobs here have been very Frenchified and I felt a bit of an outsider, whereas at Meero, many of us are international and it’s really fun and you get to meet people from different cultures. 

I like that Meero cares about our wellbeing and they put on events often. For me, it’s the most diverse environment I have worked in so far and I think we are lucky that we are not only here in Paris but we have offices abroad as well.  


Can you explain what you do at Meero in three words?

Advise. Cooperate. Welcome. 


What do you usually have on your desk?

I always have green tea with me, I love it and perhaps a biscuit or two! As well as my notebook and pen, I take a lot of notes. I also have a postcard of my home, I am from Tenerife in the Canary Islands, so I have a postcard by my computer so I can see the beautiful scenery.


What was your best idea ever?

I would say moving to Paris in the first place because it was always a dream of mine! Not only have I joined Meero, which is my favorite job so far, but I also met my partner here so I feel very happy and settled. 


Do you have any fun facts to share? 

I actually studied abroad in Damascus, Syria, in 2011 so I was there at the start of the Arab Spring. My personal experience was just amazing, eight months of warm, welcoming, friendly people. 

We actually didn’t realize the troubles had started when we were there. Luckily, we were able to finish the academic year before we had to leave. I feel lucky to have lived there at the time because unfortunately Syria may never be the same and we got to experience it beautifully. 



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