Meeting Meero with Quentin Jourdan

17 Oct 2019 by Monica Linzmeier

Three years ago Meero was a small startup with big aspirations to empower creatives around the world. Now, Meero is the largest photography company in the world that continues to better the lives of photographers in more than 100 countries by providing them with guidance, educational material, a platform to communicate with each other and connecting them with top global brands. We are giving creatives the necessary tools and providing them with time-saving technology to ease their lives and let them focus more on what they love. You might wonder who is behind all this? Well, here’s your chance to meet the team and get to know the people that are committed to improving the world of photographers. Meet Quentin:


I heard that before coming to Meero you had done a range of things. Can you tell me about that? 

I did a lot of different jobs in different fields of work before coming here, during and after my studies. So basically, I spent one year in the French military Navy as a reservist. I also worked for two years in retail where I was able to improve my skills and develop some projects that were then implemented in my former company, on a national scale. I also worked in the aeronautical industry, as a business analyst. Then I worked as a sales representative, Key Account Manager, to be specific in the autonomous vehicle Research and Development industry. So I have had the chance to see a lot of different things and be around some pretty interesting customers. Each experience has allowed me to learn a lot more about myself, about how the world works, how people are and how they behave in different contexts, and this was very interesting. And now at Meero, I think I found a kind of family, people with whom I feel very comfortable with. 


So what made you come to Meero in the end?  

I found a family of very professional people, who are, like me, pretty young. I am 28 years old.  I have had the opportunity since my arrival 2 years ago to build the whole team from scratch and to build communication and other processes with photographers, and everything related to that. It’s very interesting work and I am very happy to be here.


What exactly do you do in Partners? 

The Partners department has two goals: The first is to find photographers and convince them to join Meero with a business contract as a freelancer and the second is the relations department, for which I am the team leader.

Photographers are our customers, so we need to make sure they get to do as many missions as possible. And my team is in charge of keeping them happy with Meero, and to be sure that the right photographic skills are assigned the right missions so that every photographer is well suited for their mission. 

Additionally, we give support to photographers for any issue they can encounter in their daily life with Meero. This makes work really interesting because we are in contact with photographers all day long, through the good and the bad. This is our work basically, we accompany the photographers through their day-to-day.


Can you explain what you do at Meero in three words? 

Hmm… “Get things done” 


What do you like about Meero? 

I like to feel included in the family, everybody is pretty young but everyone is really professional. Even in my previous experiences where the average age was higher, I haven't seen so much talent gathered in the same place. In three years I have seen some really amazing profiles, and people have come from everywhere with different types of experiences. 

It’s also a very creative place, where you can do whatever you want artistically because there are photographers, videographers, musicians, dancers. For example, during the team getaway weekend, I was able to organize a live music show and so I found Meero Musicians and I asked them to sing. This is what I love the most about Meero, there really is a variety of profiles you can find everywhere and the people are so talented.


Live show during Meero getaway weekend - Kelly Anthony, Meero


What do you usually carry with you? 

My headphones because I am passionate about music and I can’t do anything without it. 

What was your best idea ever?

*Laughs* Joining Meero!


Last question, do you have any fun facts or hidden talents? 

Yes! A fun fact, actually. Once, with my former band where I played bass guitar, we had the opportunity to play in front of a festival of 10,000 people, it was really a highlight in my life. 


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