The impact of Google My Business photos on your in-store sales

11 Apr 2019 by Pauline Gabrielli

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50% of people using the internet on their mobile to find services locally visit the company the same day, and more than 18% of them go on to make a purchase while they’re there. That is why it’s important to use photos of your business on your Google My Business page.

Creating a Google My Business account has recently become the most effective way to increase your visibility online - sometimes by up to 30% - and completely for free! The only problem is, you have to know how to use it correctly.
So here’s how you use this simple online tool to make your in-store sales really skyrocket.

I) The impact of Google My Business photos' on in-store sales

These days you have to bear in mind that 80% of people first search for products and services via Google.

That’s why the little My Business box appears somewhere near the top of your Google results page. It’s designed to optimize the online business and speed up the whole e-commerce process. Have a look at what happens when you type “London supermarket” into Google:

50% of mobile internet users who make a local search visit the site that day, and a good 18% later go on to purchase.

You can see how Google My Business allows your company to both secure a local presence online, and to be accessed easily across the globe via the internet. Sure you want to be world-famous, but you have to remember that 40% of mobile Google searches are with local intent. And it’s locals that will be shopping in-store, of course. Using My Business clients can see things like opening hours, your phone numbers, your precise address, etc. It works, too: 50% of mobile internet users who make a local search visit the site that day, and a good 18% later go on to purchase. That’s pretty efficient without spending a single dollar.

This is how a SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) strategy works: you add listings that are specifically tailored to your local area, and mobile internet use. People search for a service while they’re on the go using fairly standard search services, then they see something interesting just nearby, and pop in. That’s when you get the chance to make business.

It also lets you improve your online image: you can include comments, reviews and star ratings in the box. That lets future clients find out what your customers already say about you as soon as they look you up.

Almost importantly: it’s a chance for you to really sell yourself with your photo quality. On the one hand, they help potential clients actually see what kind of services you can offer, and on the other, they give the best examples of the quality of the work you do. They’re the number one mark of your professionalism and experience.


© Meero

Of course, on the Internet, in particular, photography is essential.

According to one study, the click-through rate for pages that have photos is 35% higher than for those that don’t.

Photos are the fastest way for internet users to get information about you and create an opinion on your work. If you want to really attract business, you have to carefully choose photos that are just right for your brand. They’re going to be the number one thing that represents your company online.

81% of mobile searches are carried out for their speed - people want to see as much information about where they’re going to shop as soon as possible, and photos do just that. ‘A picture paints a thousand words’, after all.

After they’ve seen them, you’ll find that 55% of purchases take place within an hour of the initial mobile search. That’s a really speedy conversion if you can master the visuals for your company to draw them in in the first place.

It’s difficult getting the perfect photographer and really mastering images that will represent your business, but opting for a My Business box without any gives the impression that you’re either no longer in business, or are a scam, which is exactly the opposite of what you’re aiming for with these. 60% of searchers say they’re attracted to local results with good images. Photos are the foundation you can build a good MyBusiness banner on - without them, you’ll fall behind.

(By the way, Google only takes JPG or PNG and has a minimum resolution of 720x720. That means you’ll probably want to think about high-resolution, good quality photography, while will require equipment and expertise.)

According to a study by Mobilosoft, MyBusiness boxes give your company at least 29% more visibility. That’s all very well and good online, but more importantly they found that in a few months their in-store custom went from a figure of 74 to 149 - that is, they doubled their business by using carefully planned My Business ads with visual content. Doubling your sales, in-store, using a few photos and filling out a Google page completely for free? How could you possibly miss out?

II) Meero’s corporate offers can increase your visibility online

As you’ve probably grasped by now, having a Google My Business account is really an imperative, but knowing how to optimize it for your use is even more so. Posting stylish, attractive photos of your company in order to get right on the first page of a google search requires special equipment and experience - things that are hard to come by on their own. You can probably get professionals but at a price. Since this is a free form of marketing, why not keep the prices low.

We here at Meero are aware of the impact of photos and videos on a restaurant or hotel’s image to its customers. That’s why we’ve developed a service that allows you to order a photoshoot or video session wherever and whenever you want, and returns the content back to you full edited in 24 hours. Every shoot is carried out by a tried and tested professional photographer to ensure you get the best quality possible. 

While we’re at it, 360 VR is 2 times as likely to grab the interest of consumers. Google personally recommended us as an official provider of virtual visits using 360 VR technology: if you want your clients to immediately get an online tour of your premises, this is the solution for you. It’s really been making some waves in the online marketing business recently, and while photos and videos are indispensable, this new technology could be just the thing to bring some new energy to your business.

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