How video helps you get leads on social media

08 Apr 2019 by Pauline Gabrielli

Photo by Christian Wiediger, Unsplash

Video is the number one way to provide shareable marketing content. Many experts in the field estimate that by 2021 it will be the number one online content, accounting for 80% of all internet traffic. People make their entire living off posting video content onto social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. Not to mention big brands - your competition - using them as their most effective marketing scheme. That means understanding this medium and how it works on social networks is the next big thing for promoting your business. Let’s get down to it.

1. How video works with social media

2. The strategies for video marketing 

3. Meero's own solutions

1) Video’s impact on social media

Now that everyone is using a smartphone, and an impressive 52% of all internet traffic is through mobile, it means you need to figure out ways of getting your visuals onto media people use and see every day. That means social media.

The best thing about social media is that it gives your company much better visibility online. These add together to give well over 2 billion social media users who you can reach easily and effectively with video content at any time.

Facebook has over 8 billion video views a day, and social media posts receive 48% more views than any others. That’s a huge, accessible market for any kind of video marketing. Not to mention the whole phenomenon of going viral means you can rapidly increase your reach without any further effort - 92% of people who see video on mobile platforms end up sharing it with people they know. And, 75% of people say social media was involved in their shopping process online.

Video is extremely effective in this field: 93% of marketers say this type of content has increased their Return on Investment and led to more people buying their products, with huge profitability. To take Peter Harsch Prosthetics, for example, they added video to their existing Helping Haitian Angels fundraising campaigns after the Haiti Earthquake and ended up with a contract from a foreign government, multiple six-figure donations and a huge increase in profits over the next 4 years after hiring video professionals.

© Helping Haitian Angels

Not to mention video when it’s also accessible on the landing page of your website can give a full 80% conversion rate, meaning it not only gets attention but gets results too. If you want your brand to get out there and recognized quickly, video is clearly the way to go.

2) The essentials of a digital marketing strategy

Video is also, of course, a pretty dynamic format when it comes to how you want to use it. You can have short, snappy and purely educational content, or long, emotional rides to tug on your audience’s heartstrings. You can even broadcast live events to clients using social media now! Whatever strategy you choose to use, the general idea is to raise your image fast.

Upload native video content

This means you want to make sure you’re uploading your video to the platform itself, not always linking to some other site. Certain platforms require certain video formats, so you have to know the differences between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube videos. While the first three are usually shorter and, to take the example of Facebook, 85% of videos are watched without sound, YouTube content can be far longer and more dynamic.

Subtitles, short-running video that will repeat seamlessly, and optimizing video for square formats on a phone screen are all important here. It’s not just a case of 1 video size fits all. 84% of videos on Facebook according to Quintly are native video, and only 10% are from youtube.

Make the first 10 seconds count

These days people tend to lose interest in video content online within the first 10 seconds: up to 20% of viewers will leave a video by that time if they aren’t instantly interested, simply because of the volume of video marketing out there at the moment. That means whenever possible, you want the first few shots to be as eye-catching or intriguing as possible.

© GoPro

Here’s a really obvious example of something that immediately grabs the attention of the viewer. The title says all we want to see, it’s simple in its presentation and shows clearly how the product came in useful in capturing this moment. That, and it’s adorable. That doesn’t mean you have to work exclusively with clickbait but make it coherent and clear. Whether you’re just showing a product or trying to raise the profile of your company, video marketing should always be trying to tell a story and convey some kind of information. You need a cohesive plan with an angle and development to the video: a character, a problem, a resolution while aiming to keep it simple.

Show a human side to your company with live video

This is an important aspect for sorting out your employer brand. If you can film a video of your team at work, or even have them in a live video on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram stories, you can really give prospective customers a good chance to bond with your company as an organization of creative-minded people, not just a faceless corporation.

Going live humanizes business and puts personality at the forefront of your work. That means it’s much easier to build customer trust and form relationships with customers.

Paid advertising

As well as posting video content on your own accounts and profile, you can pay for commercials on essentially any major social network fairly simply. Although it won’t be the same authenticity of viral content being shared by viewers themselves that you’d get with youtube or posting on your own page, it makes sure your video will be seen by people making searches related to your business and allows you to target specific demographics.

The joy of this is that they don’t have to be interrupting other content like TV commercials. 86% of people, when possible, will skip TV advertising because it gets in the way. No one wants to have their favorite pastimes interrupted by commercials. Facebook and Instagram, for example, are far better because they don’t have to interrupt. You can scroll past a commercial online far simpler than TV. That\’s why according to one recent study, paid video ads on social media generate a full 18 times more traction than TV adverts, and recently they’ve started making up 35% of all advertising online.

Call to actions

If you aren’t calling your target audience to act on the information you’ve sent them, what’s the point? Adding a Call-to-Action banner at the bottom of any video content you’re posting is a way of guaranteeing viewers know where to go once they’ve finished a video. You can go for subtler ones like “Sign up” or “Read more” or just simply “Shop now,” which all lead customers through to your services.

These kinds of functions are easily accessible through Facebook and Instagram business accounts: in fact, as you can see here, they’re right there whenever you try to post. Adding these functions can increase your click-through rate on Facebook by up to 285%. They really just tie the whole process of video marketing together.

3) Meero has the solution to your video marketing needs

Whether you want to increase customer engagement or generate sales, video is the best for your company. It allows you to both attract leads, build client loyalty, and make your brand visibility skyrocket: you’ve got 53 times more of a chance of being at the top of a Google result page if you integrate video into your content!

It’s an interesting, enjoyable format that clients and marketers alike both adore. So give the customer what they want, and you might just find it pays off for you. Don’t forget that the millennial generation - those from 18-33 years-old - goes through the most video content and will make up 75% of the working population in 2030. It’s going to be impossible to avoid this content in the future.

Meero, a global photography start-up, can cover all of your corporate video needs in one comprehensive offer. Each order is carried out in just a few clicks, which means you get a professional photographer coming to your chosen location to carry out a high-quality shoot, and then the results are sent back to you within 24 hours.

Meero takes care of all the details of your photoshoot: whether you’re looking for landing page video or viral content for social networks, we assure you that the visual content you get back will be of the highest quality.

We can also run other office place solutions like corporate portraits to help you establish a professional digital footprint and clearly define the values and company culture of your business.


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