Is internal communication dead?

16 May 2019 by Pauline Gabrielli

Photo by Charles Forerunner, Unsplash

These days while most companies are very focused on how they communicate with external clients and partners, communication within the company itself is highly overlooked. Internal communications in the company are not only just as important, but are a key factor in the company’s image to the outside world.

The two go hand-in-hand. That means you need to work on using activities and downtime in the office - building a good work environment - to sell your business itself. People want to work with a company that has happy employees.

So how can internal communication be used to really kick start business in 2019? Let’s take a look...

1. What’s in it for business

2. Improving your employer brand

3. Attracting new clients

4. Meero’s solutions

The stakes are high for businesses

Bad internal communications can cost up to $26,000 a year, per employee.

Having a good internal communication scheme can really increase efficiency and profits. Having nothing, on the other hand, can have terrible consequences. According to the startup Vocoli, bad internal communications can cost up to $26,000 a year, per employee! That’s a real hit to your revenues and business confidence.

Don’t forget the statistic from Gallup polls that 70% of US workers come to work with little motivation and connection to the general company work. This lack of dialogue between bosses and employees, between managers and their teams, can easily lead to the downfall of a company. But on the other hand, if you really work on team building and a cohesive workforce, you can really get your activities to become one of your biggest marketing assets.

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According to Deloitte, 94% of executives and 88% of employees think presenting your work environment is important for company success. That means internal communications are a huge selling point themselves. Take it from Priya Bates, head of Toronto-based Inner Strength Communications Inc.

Internal communication has the power to connect the dots for an organization that starts with the strategy, comes to life through delivery, and enhances the reputation of an organization through consistency from a customer point of view.

A new way to up your employer branding

We know it’s no longer good enough to just show how interesting your product looks to attract business. People are now paying more attention to your employer brand: are you working ethically with your business, do the people that work for you enjoy themselves? 

To really grow as a company you need to be showing prospective employees there’s something in it for them. You can start by building a social media presence that shows off your company culture

You may be using tools such as Slack already in the workplace, but the sharing of moments together on a purely internal platform doesn’t let anyone on the outside see what you’re up to. As Bates says,

Strategic internal communication is about more than just implementation (the stuff we create or the events we plan) – it needs to interact, integrate, influence and impact in order to drive meaningful results.

Capturing team building activities for LinkedIn or other social media is a real key here: you want people to want to work for you, to see your parties or corporate events and feel they’re never going to work anywhere like it. Videos, photos, montages of a great night for all your employees solidify your reputation as being a fun place to work.

By capturing people around the workplace or on team-building trips, you also give a human face to your company. You’re not just a faceless corporation, but a collection of people and creative minds coming together to do business. Take a look at how this video from BambooHR has really put people at the heart of their public image to show their creativity.

© BambooHR

Your company has people with real ideas and emotions and work, and you are easily approachable. That’s what you want to be showing people from your internal communications.

Attract new customers and employees

Another basic objective is to get your internal communications to spread into general social media. You want what’s going on with your team to be as widely available as possible to really get the word out as to the kind of activities you’re doing because that’s how you attract new talent.

Recently a lot of major enterprises like Starbucks have started doing Facebook live streams to show the inside of the office or of the team away from work. Again, this gives you a human face but also keeps your name out there.

95% of the time the millennial generation is made aware of a brand by its online presence. That means, while remembering to post good quality content, you really need to be all over social media. Take a look at how 3D-modelling company Shapeways used viral social media trends capturing the team at work to raise their brand awareness:

© Shapeways

Your major corporate events or office parties are the perfect time to get HD content online and show people what you’re all about. They could be simple videos of an employee out in the street raising brand awareness like Starbucks, or video of the whole team coming together, like Facebook does on Friends Day. What matters is that your internal communications are captured and shown to the public, because that’s what generates new leads. Priya Bates goes on to say:

Internal communication plays a role as the glue that brings the foundation elements to life by connecting the dots from strategy to employee delivery to customer experience.

Meero’s video solutions can get the job done

As an international photography start-up currently on the rise, Meero understands these concerns and knows how to help. We can offer a number of visual content solutions for presenting your internal communications to the world and guarantee we can attract new employees and clients of the highest quality. That’s why we already work with Airbnb, Just Eat and other big global enterprises to improve their employer brand.

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We find you a photographer or video cameraman from our network of tens of thousands of professionals all over the world. They come when and where you order the shoot, send the content to us to edit, and then we return it to you within 24 hours! That means you have permanent access to HD video and images from a skilled professional photographer capturing your team building activities, giving you an image that is both unique and welcoming.

Whether you need video montages, candid photography, or personal portraiture, Meero can answer any of these needs with a service at the cutting-edge of the global photography industry.

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