How to use corporate videos to demonstrate business expertise

06 May 2019 by Pauline Gabrielli

These days 65% of people see online searches as the most reliable way of finding suitable companies for work and leisure. That means it’s easier than ever before to get clients to see your commerce and products - no billboards, no messy advertising - it’s all about showing the quality of your business in one simple presentation on the internet. Most internet users respond negatively to pop-ups or advertising, and the written press has a generally mixed response rate. New forms of getting your brand across have recently become the priority;

51% of professionals say video has the best ROI

You may not have thought it, but 1/3rd of all time spent on the internet is watching video content. This means if you’re not thinking video, you’re missing out on a huge base of potential customers. This is exactly what big-time marketers are trying to tap in to, and already 51% of professionals say video has the best ROI of any online marketing form. Better than ads, blogs, reviews, anything! Clearly, this is a medium you can’t afford to miss out on.

What do videos do?

Video can serve several purposes in raising brand awareness:

The simple fact is in 2019, you need a medium that grabs people’s attention and keeps it to attract new talent and customers. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube and any other social network, they get shared, they go viral. It’s easy for your reach to grow exponentially with video. On Twitter, for example, 82% of users watch Twitter video content on the platform - that’s millions of people who could see your marketing at any time. And this info you’re sending out is more likely to have an impact: viewers of videos retain 95% of information, while those reading text remember just 10%!

They also show the human side of your company. Words on a page can look quite inhumane and distant; a person talking to the viewer gives authenticity to your unique projects. Video really brings a simple company name and a few pictures to life.

client expertise

What kind of video?

First of all, video is highly adaptable. You can basically do whatever you want with it, depending on budget, product and target audience. But let’s narrow it down to the two most effective forms.

Business expertise videos

If you really want to show the work, the goals and the style of your company while proving your expertise, you’re going to want to choose some kind of results-based overview video of the specific work that you do. A narrated general overview of your successes, a montage of shots of the workplace and transactions - this kind of exposition is what really lets a client understand who they’re dealing with. That is really where your experience comes into play. You give a full rundown of what you do and how you do it, and instantly create a brand with confidence and image for your company.

They also present a lot of information about you in barely any time at all. Roughly 65% of your target audience will be visual learners, so videos offer exactly what you need to fully explain your projects in no time at all. Viewers get a full run-down of the high quality work you’re providing, without you having to do any painstaking processes of gathering examples or writing up reports. The only real problem then is finding the right quality cameraman to film your video.

This kind of marketing is extremely common among the professionals, of course. Almost every major brand has filmed some kind of ‘Who we are/what we do’ type video in their time. Have a look above at how JP Morgan - a huge international bank that would usually seem distant and unapproachable - introduce the viewer to their great expertise and warmly invite them to work with them.

Customer testimonials

Nothing really speaks to future clients like past clients. Businesses always rely on word-of-mouth, no matter what they do. If you get a video of satisfied customers explaining how your work has helped them fulfill their needs, it really solidifies brand confidence. Don’t be afraid to ask past clients to help film these little testimonials - almost all of them are brief snippets of conversation that take hardly any time to organize.

Using the format of an interview, you can both humanize your company, as something that works with real everyday people, and give a real authenticity to your work. After all, customer testimonials have an 89% effectiveness rating out of any content marketing. They say all that needs to be said about the brand, with hardly any work at all. Your expertise is best shown by its results, and those results are going to be happy customers.

This is exactly why customer testimonials are so popular: from dentists to international banks, this type of video marketing is everywhere

Meero offers the solution to all your video marketing needs

Producing a video specifically to paint your business in the best light possible is a pretty daunting challenge. It’s a long, complicated process requiring skill, experience and, dare I say it, expertise. That’s why you’d want to go for a professional cameraman and sound editor - or perhaps a company that can do both!

Founded in 2016 Meero is a fast-growing platform designed to coordinate professional video and photo shoots with minimal stress from the client. You can book the entire filming session in seconds: all you need is a date and time, while Meero handles finding the reliable, professional cameraman anywhere in the world within 24 hours. Meero’s unique video editing process of AI algorithms and hands-on post-production take care of all the dirty work, while the legal rights to the content are entirely yours.

We offer a wide range of services tailored to your personal needs. This includes video for corporate events, seminars and conferences, business video reports, and client testimonial videos, as well as on-demand requests, such as new offices or the release of special products.

Meero: an efficient, practical, turnkey solution to all your photo and video needs.

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