8 examples of outstanding promotional videos

In a society where leisure and pleasure are more important than ever, we are shifting towards more playful, interactive exchanges. A corporate video is a very powerful and essential tool to give a real dynamic to your professional communication. Today, it can take many different forms. Here are 8 examples of effective and inspiring corporate videos to adopt for your company.

1. Create a product video to showcase your products, like M&S

© Marks and Spencers

In this video, Marks and Spencers promotes a healthy, balanced diet by showing beautiful shots of food.  Promoting a healthy lifestyle is attractive, especially in this wave of “better eating”. They have chosen a dramatic black background to highlight the vibrant colours of their food, which also reflects the quality and freshness of it.

Their use of geometry shapes and concentric circles is consistent and their backing track, acceleration and slow-mo shots keep the audience engaged and enticed throughout.

2. Take a competitive approach to attract the right people, like Nike


The sports clothing company, Nike, is pretty much recognised worldwide nowadays. This video is promoting the Nike Football Academy, which is for young, unsigned football players looking to be signed by a professional club. Their goal, to motivate young athletes to try out the Academy, inspires people to go from a “good player” to a “brilliant player” - this competitive approach is perfect for the target audience of keen, young, fit athletes and will surely entice the type of people Nike is looking for.

The music track is high-speed, modern and fits with the pace at which they are training in the video. The angles, playback speed, and editing gives a lot of kinetic energy to the video, which continues to inspire and entice the target audience.

3. Ace your target audience, like The Dollar Shave Club

©The Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club has aced their target audience to attract the best talent. They are confident in promoting their product because they feel they have found a real gap in the market. They know the problem they are trying to resolve, as well as their audience: young, professional men who buy over-prices, branded razors in local stores. They highlight the ridiculousness of their competitors by listing the unnecessary features of this overpriced razors. Furthermore, they refer to what “your handsome-add grandfather” used to use, a single blade, not ten!

This video is simple, but effective and managed to get more than 11 million views on YouTube and coverage on countless media platforms.

4. Help make communication run smoothly, like Slack

© Slack

Slack is the business communication app, an alternative to various emailing and messaging platforms. This promotional video is like an episode of a comedy series and uses an interview format which makes the video natural, authentic and honest. The interview or testimonial format is the easiest format to convince prospects as it is 100% transparent and makes the audience connect with the interviewee.

5. Put design at the forefront of your marketing campaign, like InVision

© InVision

InVision is a prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform that wants to empower designs all over the world. Design Disruptors looks at how 15 top businesses use design at the forefront of their business model. Unlike traditional product videos, Design Disruptors never actually promotes the product, because the goal is bigger than the product. InVision's vice president of marketing says: "A lot of our work is based on doing things that'll create a positive effect on the design community”.

6. Know your brand awareness, like Always


Always knows its brand awareness and their target audience - all women. Their campaign #likeagirl went viral with over 61 million views. Not once do they mention their product, but by touching on something that all women and girls have experienced in life, they manage to attract their target audience, inspiring women to have the confidence to empower themselves, particularly focusing on young women going through puberty.

7. Tug on your audience’s heart strings, like GreenPeace


“The Little Explorer” is a promotional video which depicts a young innocent girl exploring the bottom of the ocean in her imagination, this pulls on our heartstrings. We are given an insight into her imagination, her curiosity and wonder before being abruptly jolted out of it. The young girl’s dreams are shattered by others selfish actions - overfishing.

This promotional video isn’t about selling more products, but about bringing awareness to us about overfishing and the severe repercussions of it. This GreenPeace video was hugely successful, with over 500,000 views.

8. Inspire people to do what they love, like GoPro


It’s unsurprising that a company producing video apparatus makes high quality, excellent videos themselves… However, even if your budget is small you can take tips from this big video production brand. GoPro’s marketing strategy is simple: they don’t once speak about their product but let the video do the talking. They inspire you to want to explore and experience the world around you, whilst documenting it in a simple way that never detracts from the adventure. There are over 28 million GoPro videos on YouTube and they are all highly successful.

Promotional videos are essential for any company wishing to develop. In addition to differentiating yourself from the competition, a good corporate video allows you to present your company, your services and your products, with a clear, fast and original message.

Promotional videos

19 Feb 2019 by Phoebe Cook

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