Top 5 advantages to corporate headshots

A portrait of your employees helps to highlight your company’s human side. To make your brand image even more beautiful, high quality pictures of your employees is a must. Corporate portraits are a great way to build a solid reputation online, but most importantly to reinforce your company’s values.

1. Evoke empathy through your photos

No matter which sector within your business, linking what your company does to the person behind the action is essential. A potential customer must to feel comfortable choosing your company over another. The key to earning a customer’s trust is to be as honest as possible and put your staff at the forefront. Trust is a subjective feeling rather than a rational act. Empathy is instinctively triggered by human contact.

2. Put your staff in their best light

corporate headshot

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Corporate portraits are the best way to portray the image of your company and employees. Having no photos on your site will make it look bland and lack identity. But what’s even worse is a site with bad pictures of your employees, this could be catastrophic for your reputation.

To avoid these problems, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Do your employees make you want to work there? To get these attractive, high quality photos, hire a professional photographer, this will help you give the right impression of your company.

Little trick: make a list of your company’s values and give them to the photographer so they can convey this through the pictures. Doing this will help the photographer define parameters such as your body language, what to wear, lighting and expression.

3. A headshot for personal use too

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A company portrait is not only an element to add to your website, but also a personal asset. This portrait can be used for your CV, business card or LinkedIn profile. A profile with a photo is 14 times more likely to be viewed, according to Welcome to My Jungle. Headshots allow you to introduce yourself directly, which makes you more memorable rather than simply a name and description. Preparing for a headshot photo shoot can be nerve wracking, so it’s important to work out what makes you feel comfortable to put your mind at ease before!

4. Improve your Brand Image

corporate headshot

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Having professional corporate event photography will improve your brand image. High quality photos will make your company look professional and respectable. These event photos can be used in marketing campaigns to promote your company. Capturing natural, candid shots of your employees at work will show a genuine relatable side for potential customers.

Photos of your actual employers at work (instead of obvious cookie cutter stock photos) will create a human connection between you and the customer. Nowadays, in this digital age, the human connection is often lost due to less physical interactions and more interactions online. Corporate event photography acts as the introduction to your brand and your staff. Professional photography campaigns can highlight the unique elements that comprise your organisation and compel prospects to take an interest and reach out.

“A picture paints a thousand words” - this may be a cheesy phrase but it’s true; a single image can speak to your prospects better than any single catchphrase. These professional images can be used in social media campaigns, which will help bring your brand closer to the type of followers you’re looking for! Improving your brand image in this way will help your company build scalable growth using cost-effective and direct marketing techniques.

5. Improve your Employer Branding

Employer branding is becoming increasingly important, especially in this digital age, so what is it? Employer branding is the process of promoting a company as the employer of choice to a specific target audience (one which the company needs and wants to recruit and keep). Every company has an Employer Brand, the brand itself is the identity of the company as an employer of choice. However, whatever the company is promoting ,ust be true, credible, relevant and aspirational.

  • Presentation of the company and its business

Before you potential clients make the decision to buy, they will want to learn about your company and its professionalism. Employer branding will inform your future clients. Using corporate event photography is a great way to educate people in a simple, but effective way, helping you reach out to qualified buyers across your industry.

  • Attract the most talented employers

In order to understand how to attract new employers, put yourself in their shoes…

Do your employees make you want to work in your company?

Who best represents your company values? Who has a riveting story about their time working for the company?

By presenting your company as professional, unique and on-trend, (via corporate photos and videos of your employers, your office space, events that you host, or are a part of, and which will then be shared across your social media), you will create a strong, recognised employer brand and encourage the most talented employers to join your team!

  • Bring together employees through the company’s values

Corporate communication conveys a message about the company’s culture and core values, its managers and its employees. It highlights the different people involved in its growth and corporate images are fundamental to how the company presents itself. Other than on your website, corporate portraits can be used on many different platforms both physical and digital.

  • Stand out from the crowd

The goal is to clearly show the right reasons to get in touch with this company over others. It is therefore imperative that your company stands out from other companies offering similar services. By having corporate photos taken of your company, you will some the human side of your company, which if done correctly will also reflect your values and standards.

To get the best, high quality photographs, hire a professional photographer to mirror the image you want to convey.

6. Meero’s Corporate Photography Services

corporate headshot

© Mero

Meero’s corporate photography services cover all the visual needs for your company:

  • Headshots: for individuals or teams

  • Events: seminars, conferences, reports

  • Press communication: press release, business report, customer reviews

All orders can be made in just a few clicks and Meero will take care of the rest! Everything from organising press reports, to the photo shoot, to delivering your photos within 24 hours!

Whether directly on your website, or on your social media, Meero will make sure that your company’s image shines through. Meero offers a 3-step solution by: successfully branding your company, improving internal communications and centralising your images.

Corporate portraits help you to assert yourself as a real person and to convey your company’s message. Focusing on the human aspect will help to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Whether for individual headshots or group portraits, evoking empathy is key to winning your customer’s trust.

10 Jan 2019 by Pauline Gabrielli

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