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Nov 9, 2020 by Meero Team
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Meero may only be four years old, but like the industry we’ve helped to build, we’ve grown rapidly. As a leader in on-demand photography around the world, we have gotten to know the ins and outs of large-scale photo and video production. Through our numerous collaborations with clients in different parts of the world and in different industries, we’ve learned a great deal about what makes a visual work, and how it speaks to the end-client who sees it. 

Each client brings a unique perspective to large scale image production, so today we’ve assembled a handful of our client’s testimonials to give you a big picture idea of what it’s like creating eye-catching images around the world with Meero. 

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Food and Beverage

 - efood: Greece’s #1 food delivery service, and how they scaled around the country

Real Estate

 - Realizing the real value of a property with Fotocasa, Spain

 - Showcasing a brand’s DNA through their office space with Knotel, New York

 - Retail real estate photography with leading European opticians Alain Afflelou


 - Montreal-based Hopper, taking photos all over the world

 - Professional photos increased OYO Brazil’s occupancy rate by +50%

 - SoLocal saw an increase in their click-through rate in France


 - Baking up success through mouth-watering photos with Bakeronline, Europe

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage apps have taken over delivery and in-house dining all around the world, and all of these businesses need images. Why is it so crucial to the industry? Data released in 2017 showed that adding images to a digital menu could increase sales by up to 30%. And it all makes sense when you think about how images alone can make your mouth water. 

efood: Greece’s #1 food delivery service, and how they scaled around the country 

One of the largest food delivery companies in Greece, efood is a DeliveryHero company that has conquered the market. With restaurants and locations all across the country, efood began looking for a partner that could help locate photographers in hard to reach locations.. 

The efood x Meero collaboration began in October 2018, and Meero has been accompanying efoods ever since. 

As of 2019, more than 1,500 photoshoots and 15,000 edited images had been created, providing consistent, mouth-watering images. 

“We saw an increase in the CTR, it's an incredible service that somehow frees your hands, they just handle all the rest.”

- Alexandros Georgantas, Head of Non-Commission Revenue

Watch the whole interview below, and check out the full success story here


Real Estate 

As the Wall Street Journal reports, potential investors and home shoppers will spend approximately 60% of their time looking at photos of a listing, and only 20% on the listing description. To capture a buyer’s attention, let alone secure a visit, the images need to be stunning. 

The same thing applies to office and retail spaces. If a customer doesn’t get a great perspective immediately online, you’ve already lost them. 

Realizing the real value of a property with Fotocasa, Spain 

Online real estate portal Fotocasa was looking to improve the quality of their listings through visuals. As experts in real estate, they knew the impact professional photos and videos have on potential buyers. 

They turned to Meero, and in under nine months, together they were able to provide 1,972 shoots in 56 cities around Spain.  

We have seen that using better professional quality photographs has increased the quality of our ads and their performance. It helps the end-user to find and realize the value of each of the houses.   

-Xavier Aragones, Strategic Business Developer for real estate, Fotocasa

Watch the full interview here, and to read the full story about Fotocasa, click here. 


Showcasing a brand’s DNA through their office space with Knotel, New York  

Based in New York, Knotel is a flexible workspace platform that believes that companies should be able to grow and stretch without being limited by the constraints of real estate.  When you're on a mission to reinvent the modern workplace, you need outstanding photos and videos. 

© Knotel by Meero

Knotel wanted to quickly produce a high volume of videos that they could “circulate, distribute, measure, and use to further refine our marketing and figure out if it was working. And it did work.”

-Mousa Ackall Director of Marketing at Knotel

The collaboration between Knotel and Meero has grown from event, interview, and workspace videos to include lifestyle and real estate photos as well. 

Read about how we've helped Knotel:  Success Story here.  

Retail real estate photography with leading European opticians Alain Afflelou 

Alain Afflelou is a household name for many eye-glass wearing Europeans as one of the leading opticians in France and Spain. 

In Spain, Meero produced 300 photo shoots for all of the opticians across the country in under just two months. With all media downloadable only 24 hours later on the platform, the shops could get their images online and start promoting their business in only a matter of days.  

[We chose them] for the technology they use, for the availability of the photographers, for the great feedback we received from Alain Afflelou France who also used them for the project.

- AZV, Communication Department, Alain Afflelou

Read the full Success Story here and check out the video interview below. 


Experts agree when marketing a hotel, short term rental, or experience, visuals are the heavy lifters. They attract visitors to your site, they get shared around social media, and they finally seal the deal when someone books a room or adventure. 

Trivago has done its own internal analysis of their visitor’s online actions and they found that 96% of all the clicks on their site go to profiles with ‘high quality’ header images. 

Our clients have found similar experiences in their operations. 

Montreal-based Hopper, taking photos all over the world

Hopper is a data-driven online service and application that allows travelers to book flights and hotels to avoid surging travel prices. By predicting the right times to book up to one year in advance, Hopper helps its users travel smart. 

A few years ago, they started looking for an on-demand photography service that could help them get consistent, stunning visuals for their partners in the travel industry. 

Who do we turn to that has this resource already? We met with Meero, and they happened to have people everywhere.

-JM, from Hopper's content team

Read the full Success Story here

Professional photos increased OYO Brazil’s occupancy rate by +50%

OYO Brazil’s unique operational model has led them to have a large family of hotels all over the country. As experts in the field of travel and tourism, they knew the power of professional photography on booking and click through rates. They even conducted a study and found that professional photography increased their occupancy rate by 50%! 

But to cover such a vast area and such an array of hotels was no easy feat so they looked for a partner who already had the resources in place.  

Between October 2019 and March 2020, meero was able to deliver 472 hotel shoots in 267 cities around Brazil. But that’s not the only thing that OYO likes about working with Meero: 

I would say that one of the things I like most about working with Meero is the willingness to go the extra mile and, together, drive great results to both Meero and OYO - results based on the best visual content our partners and customers can possibly have.

- Glauce Botossi, Content Operations Manager, OYO Brazil


© OYO Brazil by Meero

Read the full Success Story and learn more about the project here.

SoLocal saw an increase in their click-through rate in France thanks to the unique photos captured by Meero partner photographers

With a goal to be the digital partner for French SMBs all around the country, SoLocal provides online appointment booking, digital visibility, Customer Reviews, instant messaging, and more. When they came to Meero, the goal was to be able to send photographers to their clients all around France to capture the unique angles of these local businesses. 

“Our clients are all over France, both in urban areas and in very remote areas so we needed to be able to rush photographers absolutely everywhere.”

And ultimately, these photos have had an “enormous impact” on their company’s performance. 

Read the full success story here.


We are huge believers in the power of stunning images to communicate to your end consumers, and this applies more than anything to your E-commerce companies. 

It only seems natural that you wouldn’t buy something that you weren’t sure how it looked,  but the figures can’t hurt: During a recent study, Google found 50% of online shoppers say images helped them decide what to buy. What’s more, Efelle estimated that 22% of returns were actually due to photos not matching the product. 

Baking up success through mouth-watering photos with Bakeronline, Europe 

Bakeronline is the digital partner for artisan shops all over Europe, and soon, the world. What really sets them apart is the emphasis they place on respecting and honoring each artisan’s individual story. 

When they decided to expand out of Belgium, they needed a photography partner that could maintain the quality that they had established locally. They turned to Meero more than 2 years ago and have since expanded throughout Belgium, France, Germany, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. 

So while the E-commerce photos take up the bulk of a shoot, the in-action photos of the teams on site and the shop itself play an important role in capturing each shop’s true character. 

© Bakeronline by Meero

“It’s the consistency above all else. In all the countries that we’ve done shoots with Meero, we know what we can expect in terms of quality. And it's always there.”  

-Maxim Sergeant, CEO 

Interested in learning more about the Bakeronline x Meero collaboration? Check out the full Success Story here

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