Introducing the recipients of the FOTODEMIC microgrant

Sep 24, 2020 by Joy Habib

Back in June, we had the pleasure of interviewing three of the founding members of FOTODEMIC. Alexey, Rafaella and Zoe had told us about the launch of their ambitious project: an online platform celebrating the work of emerging artists with an innovative take on current global events. 

Here at Meero, we strive to support daring initiatives by photographers and visual creators whose work serves a purpose. This is why we’ve chosen FOTODEMIC to be the very first project we support after the launch of the Meero Foundation. The funds have allowed FOTODEMIC to finance their digital launch, but also to offer several microgrants to promising artists they wish to support. 
FOTODEMIC has opened a grant call and received applications from artists who exhibit their work in collections of The Smithsonian Institution, The Brooklyn Museum, and the Foto Museum in Belgium and whose work has been published in Le Monde, Liberation, Mediapart, The New York Times, Vice, and Al Jazeera. 

Among these, they selected 8 promising visual artists hailing from Zimbabwe, Mexico, Morocco, Germany and the United States. They experiment with augmented and virtual reality, re-imagine the experience of handling a physical book on-screen and explore new storytelling pathways. Each one of the projects selected by FOTODEMIC is undeniably unique, but together, they pave the way for a brighter future.  

The recipients of FOTODEMIC microgrant are :  

BAYETÉ ROSS SMITH - Our Kind Of People 

Our Kind of People examines how an individual’s clothing, ethnicity, gender and skin tone can shape our subjective perceptions of identity, value and character.

Bayeté Ross Smith

Photo Credit Bayeté Ross Smith

BTIHAL REMLI - Djinni Diaries

Djinni Diaries explores the intersection of spirituality and women’s role in Moroccan society through still lives of recipes and ingredients that are used in the magic rituals.

Btihal Remli

Photo Credit Btihal Remli


This multimedia piece is about Na Gracious (Gracious’ Mother), a mother of three, from Zimbabwe, filmed during her recovery from a mental condition. Chinula’s experiences with Na Gracious break the stereotype and explore the complexity of mental illness and rehabilitation.

Chinula Mandla

Photo Credit Chinula Mandla

MAHE ELIPE - The Other Pandemic 

The Other Pandemic focuses on the increase in violence against women during the COVID-19 crisis in Mexico, as well as the people and organizations that support the survivors.

Mahe Elipe

Photo Credit Mahe Elipe

ROBERT PLUMA - Hidden-Histories of San José Mission 

Hidden Histories of San Antonio provides a counter narrative history of Texas, once a part of Mexico and inhabited by many different indigenous peoples. Through an augmented reality application that uses oral histories, still images, and video of living mission descendants and other related materials, this project opens new pathways of storytelling.

Robert Pluma

Bell tower at Mission San Juan Capistrano.
Photo Credit Robert Pluma

RAMIN MAZUR - Coronascope 

Coronascope investigates ‘infomedic’ and the means of communication that covers the impact of Covid-19 pandemic. This project scrutinizes visuals provided by the search engine on inquiries such as “coronavirus” and “Covid-19”. Photographed under a magnifying glass, these images question the way ground breaking events are represented. 

Ramin Mazur

Photo Credit Ramin Mazur

SUMEJA TULIC - One Unholy Cow Photographic Plaque as Reparations: The Kravice Wearhouse 

One Unholy Cow: Photographic Plaque as Reparations: The Kravice Wearhouse is an effort to memorialize the unmarked sites of mass killings during the Srebrenica genocide. By marking the seven locations of mass executions on Google maps, Unholy Cow will provide a visual and textual narrative that acknowledges the crimes committed.

Sumeja Tulic

Photo Credit Sumeja Tulic


By juxtaposing the common perceptions and dialectics of beauty and decay, Holisis emphasizes the diversity and balance of our ecosystem.

Wanda Von Bremen

Photo Credit Wanda Von Bremen


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