5 Key features you should be aware of while selecting the best file transfer software for your business

Sep 8, 2020 by Meero Team

One of the biggest perks of the digital age is how easy and instantaneous data transfer has become. With just a few clicks on your devices, you can send your files to others or upload them into a centralized storage.

Nowadays, you have a lot of options to share your files. You can attach them in emails, upload them in a cloud-storage app, put them in a removable disc, post them in social media, or send them directly via instant messaging. However, not all of these are secure file transfer methods.

Therefore, it is important that you protect your business using the best file sharing software. To help you with your search, here are some key features of file transfer software you should consider.

1. Web-based tools

It’s not surprising that web-based tools have grown increasingly popular over the past few years.  They are convenient, accessible, and flexible. Not to mention, they also make collaboration instantaneous and accessible for your teams.

You will only need a web browser to access the tool. You don’t have to install anything else. This makes it easier for you to use the software’s tools and services anytime, anywhere, and in any device with web browsing apps.

Maintaining a web-based software is also hassle-free. You get continuous updates from the provider without having to manually install the patches yourself or buy a new version of the software every time. Likewise, it helps reduce cost for your own IT services since most web-based apps offer their assistance in case you encounter issues with their programs.

Here at Meero, we swear by our internal web-based transfer tool, MeeroDrop. It has allowed us to collaborate smoothly across teams and continents. We’ve recently opened it up to the public, to allow everyone to benefit from it.

2. File sharing and collaboration

Having your files uploaded in cloud-based storage makes collaboration easier and instantaneous. Most importantly, it streamlines communication among team members. A shared or centralized storage allows you to monitor certain activities. For instance, our in-house collaboration tool, MeeroDrop, facilitates collaboration by allowing team members to like or comment files directly online.  

This feature could also be very helpful in determining the statuses of each of your team members regarding team projects and collaborations. When one uploads a file into the storage, the others can quickly pick up on it and start moving it on to the next stage of the project. When one fails to submit their part, then you can closely examine what areas that need to be improved on in your work processes.

In this way, you can encourage your collaborators to communicate during shared projects. 

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash


Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

3. Security

Cyberattacks remain to be one of the biggest threats in the digital world. According to a study by IBM, industries in North America have spent $3.86 million to salvage their files due to data breaches and leaks in 2020 alone. Hence, it is important that you protect your files with a secure file transfer software.

Software with added security measures will ensure that your files are protected no matter where they are. These can be in a form of encrypted passwords before each access to keep out unwanted intrusions.

Other solutions offer centralized control so that files can only be accessed by authorized administrators. MeeroDrop will allow you to protect your file sharing space (also called Drop) with a password.

4. File quality 

Uploading and sending your files through the internet have several benefits. It saves you time and cost compared to sending photos or documents in the traditional way. However, one common issue with this is that file quality, especially for photos and graphics, can be compromised.

Some software reduces your file size so that they can easily and immediately send or upload them. The reduction in file size also means its quality is affected. This may result in blurriness, pixilation, formatting changes and more. This can be frustrating especially if you’re sending an image or graphics.

To ensure that the integrity of your files remain the same, you need to check out the software’s file size capacity. The higher its capacity, the better your file will turn out.

5. Storage capacity

All file transfer software have different storage capacity depending on your chosen subscription. Some may offer free services, but their storage capacity is limited. In the end, you’re forced to pay them to increase space.

This is why we’ve decided to give our users unlimited storage capacity for free on MeeroDrop.  Store your images, videos, or graphics without worrying about running out of space.

The best for your files

The world is heading towards the digital age. This means almost everything can be stored and sent digitally. From text, audio, videos, and images, everything can be digitized.

Knowing the key features of a file management software will help you find the best way to keep them secured, accessible, and organized. It is also important that you have the best file sharing software for business. This will protect your files from possible issues in the long run. Just keep these key features in mind the next time you’re looking for which file transfer software to use. 

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