Alexandre Nessler

The Solitary Beauty of the Namib Desert

Published on 17/05/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : photography

The young photographer and adventurer, as he defines himself, resides in Sydney but spends his life traveling the world in search of the best spots for incredible photos and strives to convey his passion via YouTube videos explanatory of his adventures.

The New GoPro Fusion 360 Will Blow Your Mind

Published on 11/05/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : video

Last April, Marshall Miller ventures in the sky with his WingSuit for a dizzying descent at high speed. Except that this time the it was filmed with the new GoPro Fusion 360 VR, for a rendering that leaves you with your mouth wide open and completely disrupts extreme sporting videos as we knew them.

The Unseen Life Around The USA-Mexico Border

Published on 07/05/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : society

For ten days, three AFP photographers traveled hundreds of miles along the US-Mexico border in order to take snapshots that give a better overview of life as it unfolds there. The photographs are exposed at the border between the two countries.

Artist Warns Us of the Future of Our Oceans

Published on 25/04/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : Ecology

Mandy Barker is a committed photographer in ecology who seeks to raise awareness of the plastic pollution in our ocean. With her work, she hopes to create emotion by placing the public in the face of the contradiction between the aesthetics of her compositions and the pessimism of her message.

Discover The World From Above

Published on 16/04/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : photography

Gary Cummins is an amateur photographer who recently embarked on drone photography. Adept at traveling, he photographs the natural landscapes and the urban landscapes in the different countries he visits.

Legendary Boxing Pictures Taken by Neil Leifer

Published on 12/04/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : sport

Neil Leifer is a New York photographer who became known in the 1960s for his many photographs published on the front page of sports magazine, Sports Illustrated. At such a young age Neil Leifer became one of the most influential matters in Boxing history. Many of his shots have become legendary. His photos include the greats such as Mohamed Ali, George Foreman or Mike Tyson.

Why You Should Never Use Stock Photos

Published on 11/04/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : photography

Image banks provide pictures that a large amount of the online world and companies use to fill in their images blanks. However, when everyone uses the same or the wrong ones......it becomes a joke, at least to us it is...A little humor never hurt anyone.