Alessandro Paglia's Mesmerizing Photorealism

Published on 10/04/2018 - Author : Lisa Scarpa - Category : art

Italian artist gifts us with his unimaginable patience to create treasures of art. The artistry of photorealism is a concept not just the average artist can exhibit. It consists of taking a photograph and reproducing it to look as realistic as possible by painting, drawing, or by using graphic media.

Portraits Made Up Entirely of Words

Published on 06/04/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : art

Phil Vance has transformed portraiture into a deeper art. To form the contours, shadows, and details of each word portrait, Vance writes inspiring quotes from each subject thousands of times in different sizes and layers. See it for yourself!

The Photo Magician: Kensuke Koike

Published on 06/04/2018 - Author : Elias Khatal - Category : art

Taking a photo and cutting it into pieces to make an even better piece of art. That is creativity. Kensuke Koike does just that and its amazing how each person takes each image into a different perspective.

Love Without Air Is Strange

Published on 04/04/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : art

Art is becoming more and more deranged and diverse. As our planets artists try to find their own originality they resort to new types of photography. Take Japanese artist for example. He takes strange to a dangerous level. Find out for yourself.

An Unusual Way of Printing...Using Nature

Published on 03/04/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : art

Artists and photographers have started to find more and more way to portray their art in new and unique ways. These artists decided to use leaves from their backyard in order to present their artistry. An incredible idea with a lasting impression.

Science + Photography = Insane Artwork

Published on 28/03/2018 - Author : Lisa Scarpa - Category : art

The talented Fabian Oefner brings you into his world and believe it's difficult to escape. His concept is captivating and eye stimulating. Swiss artist brings together Science and Photography to inspire more than just a feeling but to invoke a thought process in order to conceptualize and accept a new art form. From capturing tiny colored crystals reacting to the vibrations of sounds to mixing ferrofluid with water paint to create unimaginable artwork.

Artist Uses Photoshop to Create Extraordinary Images of Animals

Published on 26/03/2018 - Author : Lisa Scarpa - Category : art

20 year old brings pictures to life with a surprising outlook. Using Photoshop in order to create art is one of the best things to happen to us! Artists capable of creating the most diverse, interesting work we've ever seen through a software. It can only get more creative from here.

Bringing Pokémon to Life With 3D

Published on 20/03/2018 - Author : Lisa Scarpa - Category : art

Now that we are in 2018, what is the future for Pokémon? With precision and detail, a French artist has added a soul to these creatures with the power of 3D!

Flash of Art - Speed Painting

Published on 12/02/2018 - Author : Lisa Scarpa - Category : art

Artists bringing a different dynamic to the art world with digital speed painting. Using strictly advanced editing programs like Photoshop to create these unimaginable pieces of artwork.