The Photo Magician: Kensuke Koike

Deconstructed Picture by Kensuke Koike

Sometimes deconstructing the art we create has a better rendering. Cut, tear, disassemble and collect, the definition of the artist Kensuke Koike. This young artist is constantly looking for the perfect treatment of the his images to their final presentation as a collage. He slowly moves away from his photography skills and becomes a conjurer of materials that come to hand to turn them into artistic gold. The Japanese artist has thus developed a certain taste for image destructuring. It is not, however, a chaotic cluster where all the elements are broken apart. His work has impressive precision. Every detail finds its place in a geometric canvas that turns out to be surprisingly harmonious. These new images have therefore their own independent life, barely connected to that of the original photos, showing that in the end everything depends on our point of view of reality and what we take into consideration.  

​Image Credits: Kensuke Koike & Thomas Sauvin

And the alchemist Kensuke Koike struck again. His latest discovery is to cut out the picture of a dog with a rolling mill. He thus obtains strips that he assembles to obtain four pictures of this same dog. Four for the price of one, who says better?

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