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Turn lacklustre car images into stunning showroom experiences with the power of AI technology.

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Inconsistent SRP? Low click-through rates? Tired of waiting to get your pictures online? We understand all the issues you face in your day-to-day work and dedicate our time and effort to provide you with powerful and efficient solutions.

Mobile app

Stunning images in a snap for car dealers

Create consistent, industry-leading car images in seconds thanks to our virtual 3D showrooms in the easy-to-use CarCutter app.
Streamline and standardise the photography process across all locations, automatically double-checking and correcting all AI images with our Hybrid Retouching system.

Real-time camera guiding
Take perfectly framed photos of your UV thanks to a smart shoot assistant.
How to take a picture with the CarCutter app

Background removal

Your vehicle is automatically cropped out from the background.

Virtual customized showroom

Your car is placed in the showroom you picked with the perfect orientation and natural shadows.

360 spin

Scan your car in less than a minute and get a 360.

“The CarCutter App provides our vehicle progression team with a guided image sequence as well as the angle and position that the car needs to be photographed in. Ultimately this guidance means our digital forecourt is perfectly presented all the time, even with multiple users.”


Car Image Backgrounding for automotive marketplaces

Discover how the biggest car sellers worldwide stand out from the competition with ultra-realistic virtual showroom images.

Increase user engagement and your click rate along with it. Our AI images boost car buyers’ clicks by up to 52%, as proven in an extensive study conducted by Koons Automotive.

Browse the main AI features

API backgrounding

Crop out interior, exterior & detail shots and seamlessly blend them into your showroom for a realistic look, no matter the angle.

Image upscaling

Low-resolution images are automatically detected and upscaled x4; for longer On page Time, boosted clickrates & higher engagement.

Virtual showrooms

Customize your 3D showroom and professionalize your web presence with innovative showrooms to get higher clickrates on your SRP.

License plate inlay

Worried about third party license plates? We offer convenient license plate inlay, automatically adjusted to the right angle.

360° Virtual Spin

The future is here - and it's changing the way we sell and buy cars. Introducing fully backgrounded, exterior and interior 360° vehicle viewing.

Dealer branding removal

Automatically detect & remove unwanted brandings, logos & watermarks while keeping customers on your website.

“The whole thing brings us enormous cost savings. The time saved alone saves us more than 600,000€ in process costs each year”


Fast & fully automated listing process

Seamlessly integrate your entire DMS infrastructure for full automation and receive edited pictures instantly thanks to Maia, the most advanced car-backgrounding AI on the market.

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